Video Platform Defiantly Challenges Russia, Gets Banned: Click Here to Discover Why!

Video Platform Defiantly Challenges Russia, Gets Banned: Click Here to Discover Why!
Video Platform Defiantly Challenges Russia, Gets Banned: Click Here to Discover Why!
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Free speech fans, don’t look away — Russia just barred a video platform for sticking it out for our first amendment rights. Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski announced this major move on May 7th. This adds another layer to the global narrative of free speech suppression, reaching even our own backyard in America.

Pavlovski spilled the beans through a post on X, shaking off Russia’s censorship demands. He pointed out that despite Russia’s strong-arm tactics, YouTube was still on air there. It does make you wonder what Google and YouTube have agreed to for their free pass in Putin’s terrain. Especially considering YouTube, under Google’s umbrella, was recently called out for stifling none other than Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Imagine being called to the stand before Congress, laying a world map on the table, and pointing out countries where you are in a stand-off with the governments. Well, Pavlovski did just that. He charted out the dilemma his platform faces in several countries like Brazil, France, New Zealand, and Australia, as picked up by Fox News. The common enemy? Running up against the governments to keep certain content uncensored.

“Freedom of speech and freedom of expression”, he said, “are the cornerstones of a democratic society”. It’s troubling, then, to see these rights go under the axe, even by our own government.

Pro-free speech Rumble led by example with their Rumble Cloud launch in March. They were moved to action when they saw fellow social media Parler given the boot by Amazon Web Services. Nailing up their colors to the constitutional mast, Rumble vowed to protect businesses from swallowing the bitter pill of Big Tech censorship.

Folks, it’s high time conservatives stop taking punches to the gut. Let’s push our representatives to make Big Tech stand in the mirror of the First Amendment. Demand transparency and equal leverage. Been muzzled yourself? Give us a shout at the Media Research Center contact form. Let’s join hands to make Big Tech answerable.

In closing, it’s an uphill battle for free speech with the worryingly steep ascent of censorship. Yet, folks like Pavlovski and platforms like Rumble show that there are still champions for the cause, ready to stand firm for your voice – and mine. It’s time we all join the fight to protect this fundamental right. Don’t sit back, get in the ring, let’s keep this democracy true to its roots.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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