You Won’t Believe the Bizarre Anti-Semitic Trope ABC’s Mary Bruce Uses to Target Trump!

You Won't Believe the Bizarre Anti-Semitic Trope ABC's Mary Bruce Uses to Target Trump!
You Won't Believe the Bizarre Anti-Semitic Trope ABC's Mary Bruce Uses to Target Trump!
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It’s becoming clearer than day that ABC News’s Mary Bruce seems to be playing political shield for President Joe Biden. After Biden blocked military aid for our chief Middle East ally, Israel, Bruce has tried to smear former President Donald Trump with accusations of anti-semitism.

In her recent report about the Gaza conflict between Israel and Hamas, Bruce twisted Trump’s critique of Biden’s Israel policy as an anti-semitic jibe. Trump had expressed disbelief that any Jewish person would support Biden, given his disregard for Israel. And let’s be real, it’s merely an opinion and far from any form of prejudice. Liberals often deride black and Hispanic conservatives for betraying their self-interest by voting conservative, but amazingly, no one levels accusations of racism or bigotry at them.

Bruce’s vain attempt to summon an anti-semitism storm out of nothing but an opinion is yet another instance of the media’s attempt to shield Biden. Their intention is not only to deter people from noticing Biden’s recent questionable stance vis-à-vis Israel but also his missteps in handling other domestic issues.

The mainstream media’s stealthy smearing of Trump’s comments as anti-semitic mirrors long-standing efforts to label as bigots those critical of left-leaning billionaire George Soros and his funding of radical causes. These moves aren’t designed to protect Jews from discrimination. Rather, they aim to keep leftist policies and personalities away from public scrutiny.

Crossing the line from journalism to full-blown political firefighting, Bruce has far exceeded her typical adulation of Biden. In a recent ABC World News Tonight report, she positively spun Biden’s threat to withhold U.S. munitions to Israel, portraying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as defiant. She glossed over Biden’s failure to prevent Netanyahu from launching operations inside Rafah, which forcibly halted much-needed humanitarian aid.

Bruce also deliberately misconstrued Trump’s comment that any Jewish backers of Biden “should be ashamed of themselves.” Instead of objectively reporting Trump’s disapproval of Biden’s Israel handling, she labeled it as an “anti-semitic trope.”

It’s essential to critically and honestly assess mainstream media narratives. Be discerning about stories churned out by journalists, like Bruce, who pass off their personal preferences as professional reporting. Whether you’re Jewish, Gentile, pro-Biden, or pro-Trump, let’s aim for truth and fairness in all reporting. We should never betray our journalistic ethics in favor of our political colors.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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