ABC, NBC Feel the Heat: ONLY CBS Reports Hunter Biden’s Shocking Courtroom Drama!

ABC, NBC Feel the Heat: ONLY CBS Reports Hunter Biden's Shocking Courtroom Drama!
ABC, NBC Feel the Heat: ONLY CBS Reports Hunter Biden's Shocking Courtroom Drama!
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Imagine if the son of the sitting POTUS was embroiled in legal troubles, yet the media turned a blind eye. Sadly, that’s not the plot of a Hollywood political thriller, it’s our reality. Hunter Biden isn’t just the President’s son – he’s an individual facing serious charges, yet our uneven media landscape isn’t exactly shouting it from the rooftops.

Hunter Biden’s recent legal troubles have seen precious little airtime, notably except for a brief mention on the CBS Evening News. The reality? The Third Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed District Judge Noreika’s decision to roll ahead with Biden’s previously motioned-to-dismiss case. So, is the media blackout courtesy of our ‘eccentric’ times, or is something else afoot?

In the mix for Biden Jr. are serious charges, all federal – falsifying a firearms form and illegal possession of a firearm amidst drug usage. Throw in his California federal tax charges set to go to trial in June, and a concerning image of the first son starts to emerge. Yet, our media’s silence reigns supreme. If this was Donald Trump Jr., you can bet the media circus would be thundering through town.

CBS gave the news a fleeting 26 seconds, but that’s 26 seconds more than ABC or NBC’s zero input. This isn’t level-headed news; it’s playing favorites on a national scale. Now, grab a magnifying glass and the overlooked details will start to pop.

Politico unveiled the true depth to the Biden situation: a Delaware federal judge denied Hunter’s attempted dismissal of his felony gun charges, shutting down the idea that the ban on owning guns while using drugs is unconstitutional. At the same time, Biden also faced negative ruling from a federal appeals court panel – two big blows that put his June trial date firmly on the horizon.

Pair that with last year’s charges against Biden for illegal firearms purchase while under the influence and falsifying a government form concerning his drug abuse. Why is Hunter under fire? Well, it turns out he bought a gun when he was deep in the throes of a crack cocaine addiction – a fact he’s not exactly denied.

So why didn’t CBS mention the district court denial? It’s a vital part of the story, not just some footnote. Even Second Amendment supporters are finding themselves leaning towards Hunter’s plight, showing how skewed this narrative has truly become.

In conclusion, Hunter Biden’s legal mess captured a mere 26 seconds of major media airtime. If you weren’t tuned into CBS, you’d be blissfully unaware. That’s not a sign of a ‘normal’ media environment, it’s a worrying example of favoritism at play. Our news channels need to do right by the American people and offer unbiased, thorough reporting on every major story – no matter whose son is involved.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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