You Won’t Believe How CNN Allocates Fact-Checkers: Trump vs Biden Exposed!

You Won't Believe How CNN Allocates Fact-Checkers: Trump vs Biden Exposed!
You Won't Believe How CNN Allocates Fact-Checkers: Trump vs Biden Exposed!
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Hear this folks! Earlier this month, President Biden went head-to-head with a real journalist and right from the word go, his recollections on his and predecessor Donald Trump’s records left us scratching our heads.

Erin Burnett from CNN kicked off the conversation with the sore subject of Trump’s unfulfilled job promises in Wisconsin. She asked the president why folks should bank on his capacity to create jobs where Trump lagged. Unapologetically, Biden shot back with, “He’s never succeeded in creating jobs and I have never failed. I have created over 15 million jobs since I’ve been president.” Not forgetting to drag Trump’s reputation through the mud, he added that Trump was one of the only presidents who lost more jobs than he created.

However, there’s a big part of the picture Biden conveniently leaves out: COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, Trump’s employment record was actually commendable. We saw numbers like never before – over 165.6 million employed Americans in 2018. Unemployment hit rock-bottom for women, blacks, Latinos, Asians, and the youth. Of course, the overbearing lockdowns pushed by the Democrats and their media comrades changed all of that devastatingly.

It’s pretty rich that Democrats pinned the pandemic-induced job losses on Trump but were quick to pat their own backs when the pandemic receded, and the economy started improving.

But hold on! The distortion of facts didn’t stop there. Biden also boasted about his supposed prowess in jobs creation and curbing inflation claiming it to be 9% when he took over. That’s simply not true! As per the records, inflation stood at a mere 1.4% at the time owing to the pandemic. Instead of confirming these facts, Burnett nudged him to accept the poor state of inflation.

It’s disturbing how Fox News contributor Joe Concha aptly spotted that CNN’s regular fact-checker, Daniel Dale, who is usually eager to debunk Trump, was missing in action after the interview.

Interestingly, Dale proved quite handy in discrediting Trump’s claims during Trump’s Manhattan trial in April. It’s quite common knowledge that when Trump claims he’s leading all the polls, he generally means most of them. Not surprisingly, Dale, in his fact-checker role, ignores such clarities while strenuously discrediting Trump’s concerns over Biden’s role in his legal complications. Furthermore, Dale conveniently discloses Trump’s lead prosecutor, Matthew Colangelo, as a former Biden Justice Department official but fails to bring out the apparent Democrat connection.

Wrapping things up, Dale even flagged Trump’s remark about DA Alvin Bragg being “Soros-backed”, despite no such claim being aired. Any money trail that led back to Soros was dismissed as indirect, downplaying Soros’s influence. Yet, if similar backing for a conservative DA was traced to a pro-Trump PAC, rest assured, CNN would jump to label them as “Trump-backed”. It’s clear that Dale’s role at CNN tilts more towards preserving the narrative than actual fact-checking.

Upon close examination, the facts are as clear as daylight. It’s high time we demand accurate and unbiased reporting rather than accepting news as it is presented for spin’s sake.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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