Actress Jameela Jamil Tells Men To Support Abortion To Avoid ‘Child Support Payments’

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The Good Place actress and radical leftist activist Jameela Jamil went on Instagram to encourage men to support abortion so they can avoid “lifelong fatherhood and child support payments.”

The shocking statement comes as the draft Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe vs Wade has made radicals on the left lose their minds.

Jamil who is known for constantly promoting abortion went on a long social media rant about why men should be behind taking the life of the unborn without any hesitation.

“Do YOU want zero way out of a lifelong fatherhood and child support payments, even if you’re a teenager, because a condom broke?” Jamil posted as she ranted in an Instagram post.

“The men I know who have had partners/one-night stands who have had abortions have also lived with immense relief and gratitude, as they were not in a position to raise a child emotionally/financially,” she added.

Jamil almost celebrate the abortion she had at eight weeks pregnant when she was younger and said that it left her with ‘not a minute of regret’ according to the Daily Mail.  

While Jamil claimed that the pro-life position was a stance against women, she also pushed the ridiculous idea that people other than a woman can get pregnant completely undercutting her point.

“Not all, but most of the people who will become pregnant are women,” Jamil wrote.

This is not the first time Jamil has expressed these radical positions. In 2020, Jamil canceled an appearance by Candace Ownes on her podcast because Owens said that only women can get pregnant.

Ed Gonzalez

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