CNN Forced To Report The Devastating Effects of Biden Policies Hitting These 7 States

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Ultra liberal media standout CNN attacked Donald Trump throughout his Presidency, and has coddled Biden through most of his so far. Now, things are so bad, they may be forced to change their tune.

“Gas prices taking another big step in the wrong direction. AAA says the national average for regular gas jumped five cents today, to $4.67 a gallon which is a new record. Prices are up forty eight cents here in the past month alone. Seven states now average five dollars or higher, and at some stations in California the price at the pump is more than the federal minimum wage,” reported CNN.

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Illinois, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Alaska all have gas prices of $5 or more per gallon. Yahoo News has reported, “…that nine gas stations in California charge more than $7.25 per gallon. These stations are Chevron, Mobil, Shell and one Valero in the cities of Los Angeles, Lee Vining, Bridgeport, Menlo Park and Shoshone. The Chevron at 901 N. Alameda Street in Los Angeles boasts the dubious distinction of the highest gas price in the country, with regular unleaded going for $8.05 per gallon.”

The Focus News tweeted: “AAA – Gas prices are once again spiking after a brief plateau. The national gas price average has increased from $4.62 to $4.67 since yesterday, with a drastic increase expected in the coming days.

Regarding The Focus News’ statement that gas prices are expected to increase drastically in the coming days, it is likely because school is getting out and more people tend to travel during the summer months for that reason.

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It seems that things are so bad these days that even CNN is having to admit it. When gas prices are more than the federal minimum wage in some places, we have a big problem. That problem lives in the White House and his name is Joe Biden. Are we going to make it until 2024?

Stacey Warner

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