White House Fears Biden Will Go Down in History Worse Than Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter's Inauguration in 1977
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With his approval rating lower than ever, Joe Biden and the rest of the White house are frustrated and concerned. Concerned that Biden’s Presidency will go down in history as bad, or maybe even worse, than Jimmy Carter’s.

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Nothing has gone right for Joe Biden since he took office. And it’s by and large his fault. His economic policies are terrible, his foreign policy is just as bad and add in the pandemic and how he handled that, and you have a recipe for disaster.

With gas prices climbing daily and inflation continuing to increase, it would take a miracle for things to turn around for Biden. It has happened, though, for Presidents Clinton and Ronald Reagan, who “both overcame a rough first midterms only to benefit from economic turnarounds and cruise to reelection. But George H.W. Bush and, especially, Carter were felled by shaky economies and rising inflation,” reports Fox News. Sound just like what we are all seeing with Joe Biden, with no turn-around in sight.

Biden is also extremely frustrated that Donald Trump’s approval rating was higher than his, since Biden has said Trump was the “worst President.” One must be careful what one says, because it can often come back to bite you. In this case, Biden is, ipso facto, worse than “the worst” President.

Fox News reports that “[t]he White House’s plan is to get Biden out on the road to talk about his progress, and they hope to pile on their attacks against the GOP and paint the party as too extreme, highlighting the issues of gun control and abortion.” 

Which The View host wants to cancel Republicans?

Which is likely why Biden is going to appear on Jimmy Kimmel this week, in his first media appearance in 100 days, according to Fox News. That should be good…I think I have a meeting that night. Although, it would be interesting to see if Biden can string two coherent sentences together. Will you watch?

Stacey Warner

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