AOC Starts Twitter Feud With Dana Loesch During Televised Jan 6 Hearings

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez aka AOC
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The Democrats took their Congressional hearings against Donald Trump live on Thursday, and the mainstream media helped them out by airing the spectacle on all major networks. Only Fox declined to show it. One of the most liberal of the liberals, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, insinuated that she watched.

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During the broadcast of the live hearings, Cortez, or AOC as she is called, tweeted this: “Wow. This hearing. #January6thCommitteeHearings”

One person replied: “I had no doubt you would be ‘impressed’ by the propaganda of this hearing, @AOC. Liars of feather promote propaganda together.”

But it gets better. AOC actually tweeted this: “Good Lord. The way it all comes rushing back into the body. It’s like it’s that day all over again.”

The thing is, she wasn’t even there. Many twitter users called her out about it too. Here’s just one: “You. Were. Not. In. The. Building.”

Dana Loesch, former NRA spokesperson, called her out, too.

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Dana Loesch called AOC out for not actually being anywhere near the Capitol building on January 6, after AOC tweeted about it all rushing back into her body. Then AOC relied on the title of the article Loesch posted, to “prove” she didn’t lie about being present during the riots. But, as Loesch points out, the actual article states that AOC was in an entirely different building.

There was a lot going on in the twitter world on June 9 surrounding the televised hearings. One user summed it up well: “She is all drama … no value in debating her. Founding Fathers rolling in graves over the fact that this is what passes for an elected official. Every time she opens her mouth the country collectively gets a little more stupid.”

AOC is ridiculous and acts like a child. She used the events of January 6 to try to bring attention to her. Then she used the June 9 televised hearings to try to bring attention to herself again. Is AOC mature enough to be a Congressperson? Should they raise the age requirement?

Stacey Warner

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