Fentanyl “Kiddie” Chalk Pouring Across Biden’s Border and It Could KILL Your Kids – Watch This Video

Fentanyl "Kiddie" Chalk Pouring Across Biden’s Borde and It Could KILL Your Kids - Watch This Video
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Open border policies are allowing drug cartels to rapidly move rainbow fentanyl across our borders, and endangering our communities.

The drug crisis in America is terrifying. Almost 100,000 drug overdoses occur annually in the United States, and fentanyl has led to a sharp increase in those overdoses. Yet the Biden administration has opened the southern border even more so since taking office, and those actions are allowing drugs to pour across into our communities. And parents are worried because a new strain of the drug could end up in their toddlers hands.

Breitbart writes. As a mom, Kayleigh McEnany told her co-hosts on FNC’s “Outnumbered” that rainbow fentanyl can be mistaken for sideways chalk.

DEA officials warned Saturday that rainbow fentanyl is spreading throughout the West Coast.

Lets watch. (watch here)

The DEA has previously warned of rainbow fentanyl coming across the border. 

Next News Network reported. The DEA stressed that we need a comprehensive plan with strong partnerships and coordination between federal, state, local law enforcement agencies because this new drug is a serious threat to public safety and it cannot be allowed to enter our country. 

It’s horrific to Imagine your child innocently playing on the sidewalk and picking up a piece of rainbow fentanyl then dying as a result. It could easily happen with Biden’s lack of border enforcement. We need additional security on the southern border. The Biden admin needs to put back Trump era policies, and enforcements or we will see crime and deaths continue to rise at unprecedented levels… and your kids could be next.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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