Mayor Adams Outlaws NYPD Officers From Speaking To One Another In Public

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In this video, I’m going to show you something that will make your head spin. I’m talking about Mayor Adams’ latest order to the NYPD officers not to speak to one another in public

You heard that right, Mayor Adams has ordered the NYPD officers not to speak to one another in public. Some people are saying that it’s a way of trying to control the police force, but others are saying that it’s just a way for the mayor to look good. While the overwhelming majority of police feel that safety is in numbers and communication.

Washington examiner writes. A retired detective said the Washington Examiner that New York police were given a rehash of an existing policy this week that prohibits officers from congregating in groups on city streets.

Typically, they’ll reinforce some old, dumb policy when it benefits them and takes away any [existing] negative publicity,” the detective said. A resident of the Upper West Side complained a few years ago that police officers were not wearing their hats. Inspectors were sent out to write people up for not wearing hats.”

On Aug. 6, Adams was participating in a bike ride when he stopped to ask officers, “How about scattering out so we can ensure safety?” Our personnel have not been deployed correctly.”


Mayor Adams went a bit further in instructing police on how to do their jobs.

Fox News writes. Fox News Digital reports that officials and law enforcement sources warned New York City police officers on Thursday not to engage in the “prohibited” act of “congregating” while working a post unless necessary.

Top NYPD brass notified officers this week that Interim Order 92 has resurfaced in the department’s Patrol Guide in “an effort to enhance officer safety, deployment strategies, and optimize field presence.”

As outlined in a memo attached to the order, authored by the NYPD’s Chief of Department, Kenneth Corey, “Members of the service are reminded that congregating or engaging in unnecessary conversation while on post is prohibited.”.


This is a disgrace. Mayor Adams needs to let police be police and do their job. Officers have been warned not to congregate while on post, which is something that should be encouraged. They need to talk to each other and get to know their surroundings in order to stay safe. This policy will only make officers less safe and more likely to be attacked.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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