YES!!! Trump SCORES Big Win After Federal Judge Delivers TERRIFYING Verdict Against Biden’s DOJ

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A federal Judge has overruled the DOJ in a huge win for President Trump.

According to Breitbart, A federal judge on Monday halted the Justice Department’s (DOJ) use of items seized by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and ruled that a special master could review the items.

The Trump-appointed judge Aileen Cannon ruled that a special master will be appointed to determine whether the seized items are personal or subject to attorney-client privilege or executive privilege. Additionally, Cannell ruled that the Department of Justice must cease using Trump’s items for “investigative purposes” while the special master examines them, but noted that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence could continue its “classification review and/or intelligence assessment.”

The ruling comes after President Trump released a statement on Saturday slamming the DOJ, as noted by Newsmax.

On Saturday, Trump said on Truth Social, “The FBI is totally corrupt. They blatantly used their power to get a cognitively impaired Democrat elected President – In TWO Elections. THEY SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN and now, BROKE INTO MY HOME, using a Radical Left Trump Hating Magistrate to grant approval, and indiscriminately STOLE everything within reach, including my Passports. They even “riffled” through the First Lady’s closets, dresses and drawers. They are an out of control group of highly partisan “mobsters,” a real threat to democracy!”

Additionally, Trump said,

“Remember, it takes courage and “guts” to fight a totally corrupt Department of “Justice” and the FBI. They are being pushed to do the wrong things by many sinister and evil outside sources. Until impartiality, wisdom, fairness, and courage are shown by them, our Country can never come back or recover—it will be reduced to being a Third World Nation!”

And during the weekend, at a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump called the DOJ a “vicious monster.”

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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