BREAKING: Ohio Teachers Lock & Load After Lawmakers Step Up To Help Protect Our Children!

BREAKING: Ohio Teachers Lock & Load After Lawmakers Step Up To Help Protect Our Children!
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Ohio just joined a group of elite states that took a stand against school shootings, now making those schools some of the safest in the nation.

The easiest way to make sure that criminals don’t commit crimes is to take away the opportunity, and to make yourself and those around you easy targets. The new Ohio law just did that for hundreds of schools across their state.

Daily Wire writes. There is now a law in Ohio allowing teachers to carry guns in the classroom.

On Monday, House Bill 99, which allows teachers and staff to carry firearms on campus after 24 hours of training and eight annual training hours, became law. Whether teachers have access to firearms on school campuses is determined by local school boards.

Several school districts across the state quickly banned the practice on their campuses despite the new law designed to increase school safety. The new law was opposed by Akron Public Schools and Beachwood City Schools.

Ohio just joined nine other states who allow teachers to carry firearms in the classroom. 

NCSL writes. Nine states specifically exempt school employees from their bans on firearms on K-12 school grounds – Idaho, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming. A school employee must first obtain approval from a school authority, such as the school board or superintendent. School employees are also required to possess a firearm license in seven states: Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming. Additionally, seven states require school employees to complete training programs, typically provided by a local law enforcement agency, such as Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Given the climate and danger faced at schools across the country, it is a shock that more districts do not allow teachers and staff to carry while on the job. I would rather have a 3 second response to an incident, than what happened at Uvalde.

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