DEBATE DISASTER! Blake Masters HUMILIATES Mark Kelly This On One Critical Issue

DEBATE DISASTER! Blake Masters HUMILIATES Mark Kelly This On One Critical Issue
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Mark Kelly better get his head checked after Blake Masters brutally tore into him during their most recent debate. 

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Things are heating up in the midterm election battle between Blake Masters and Senator Mark Kelly, and it is looking worse by the day for Mark Kelly. 

American outlook reports. Mark Kelly, the Democrat incumbent, seemed unprepared and unable to respond to Masters who was pretty much always on offense.

Masters hit Kelly repeatedly on the border crisis, inflation, Biden’s policies and more.

Who won? The Hill’s analysis offered positives for both candidates, as most American media outlets do. It was Kelly’s job to paint Masters into corners as a Democratic incumbent in the face of a red-wave turnout. So, Masters seems to have controlled the outcome and hung Joe Biden, the border, and inflation around Kelly’s neck.

Among the issues the Republican seized on was the border, asking why Kelly voted against an amendment introduced for the Inflation Reduction Act that would have required another 18,000 Border Patrol agents to be hired before additional IRS staff got hired.

Kelly was sometimes put on the defensive by the attacks.

Watch now as Master Tells Kelly to Resign.

Then he called him “the most ineffective and worst senator of all time.”

Watch Kelly’s face when Masters calls him out for voting AGAINST 18,000 nre border patrol agents.

If there was any question about what this year’s midterms are all about, Senator Tuberville answered that question for us.

Next news network reported. During an interview with an Alabama radio station, Alabama’s Senator Tommy Tuberville attempted to reframe the midterm fight, casting it as a fight not between Democrats and Republicans but rather between freedom and socialism.

Tuberville stated  “You just never know. Anything can happen in the next 48-49 days, Jeff. I’m just hoping people understand this is not Democrat-Republican. This is capitalism and freedom versus socialism. That’s exactly what it is.

“And again, I’m disappointed in a lot of my Democratic colleagues up here. They don’t believe this. The people they’re representing don’t believe this. But they’re voting with these far-left goofballs that want to bring our country to our knees.”

Tuberville, Masters and millions of Americans know exactly what is on the line this fall as they go out to vote in the midterms. Help do your part in saving America, get your friends, family and neighbors to vote and lets help change the course of American history.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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