WATCH: DeSantis Fires Last Shot Before Voters Head To the Polls on November 8th

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In this video, DESANTIS makes his closing arguments for the midterm elections and he is not holding back.

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It is no secret that Ron Desantis is a superstar of a governor since the virus first appeared, and he has only grown in popularity since then. As the gubernatorial elections in Florida draw to a close, Desantis releases his closing arguments on why Florida should re-elect him, and to continue carrying the torch of freedom.

Townhall reports. 

The final TV ad for Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis’ midterm campaign was released on Tuesday. It was shared first on Twitter by his wife Casey. “We love our country, respect our flag, and proudly embrace our nation’s founding principles,” Florida’s First Lady tweeted. “We will continue to be the bastion of freedom for America. Keep Florida Free!”

Aside from the barrage of final stretch campaign ads that hit most Americans in the final week of the midterm election cycle, this ad is a departure from the campaign ads being aired by the Republican Party of Florida. Clips of the DeSantis family, Floridians, and the Republican’s campaign stops flash on screen as a piano rendition of “America the Beautiful” plays. 

Starting off with images of Florida’s sunny coastline, a teacher teaching a class, law enforcement officers, and DeSantis shaking hands with passers-by in a car, the optimistic advertisement discusses some of the governor’s achievements such as protecting students, conserving resources, and funding police departments.

Let’s see this truly inspiring and uplifting ad.

Ron Desantis has been helping out around the country during the midterms, doing what he can to help other candidates.

Politico reports. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, said Saturday night that if Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin is elected governor, his state can be a model for New York.

DeSantis, widely considered a 2024 presidential contender, hyped up a rally on Zeldin’s native Long Island where the state’s top Republicans urged the crowd to take advantage of early voting starting Saturday, while a grinning Andrew Giuliani tossed footballs and T-shirts into the crowd between speakers.


This is a powerful ad that will resonate with conservatives across Florida. Governor DeSantis is a true patriot who loves our country and wants to keep it free. He was leading the charge when it came to pushing back on draconian restrictions, and kept his state afloat with the crazy business closings, and shortages. What he has done with illegal immigration has been spectacular. He truly is a man of the people.  I urge all Floridians to cast their vote for him in the upcoming midterm elections.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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