WATCH: Rep. Adam Kinzinger Betrays Republicans One Last Time

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In the time leading up to his retirement from Congress, Kinzinger has undoubtedly been throwing his own party under the bus at every turn – the same turncoat behavior that ultimately led to his premature political demise. His farewell speech on Thursday was no different – solidifying himself as a traitor in many conservatives’ eyes.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger’s Thursday farewell speech certainly had an air of betrayal attached, with his take away that the Republican Party is terrible. The Chicago Sun-Times caught on to this and quickly trumped (pun intended) it in their headline. This traitorous attitude from him ultimately resulted in his political death sentence, as he turned his back on what should have been loyall constituents who have supported Congressman Kinzinger over the years.

Townhall reports, a major takeaway from Kinzinger’s speech was his constant reminder of how terrible the Republican Party is. It certainly seems the soon-to-be former congressman thought it was a takeaway, as he tweeted a Chicago Sun-Times headline highlighting it.

The article was titled “In farewell speech, Rep. Adam Kinzinger warns GOP ‘has embraced lies and deceit’” 

The article was a massive grab ass for Kinzinger a quote read. “Kinzinger, who sacrificed his political career — at least for now — for speaking out against lies and election denial, said in his farewell address that he had wanted to end his time in Congress with the country in better shape than when he started, but “I cannot in good conscience say that I have done that.”

But what the article left out was Kinzinger’s insane comparison he made. Watch. Clip1>>

The internet immediately responded to it. 

Twitter user Ethan D. Lane responded “I like Adam Kinzinger, but comparing J6 to the Oaklahoma City Bombing is ridiculous.”

Paul A Szyoula Tweeted “This is horribly offensive.”

Michael Peterson Tweeted “Adam Kinzinger in his farewell compared Oklahoma bombing to J6 dust-up.  No reasonable person can honestly make that compromise.  Adam is mentally fractured from reality.  I am sure the Lamestream media will be fawning over him to be their Political Contributor.  Sad man he is.”

Adios Kinzinger! Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya. As evidenced by his admissible adieu in Congress on Thursday, Congressman Adam Kinzinger has made it all too apparent that he is no longer a member of the Republican Party and could care less about who wins the race for presidency in 2024 – as long as it is not Trump. Over the past few years, he’s been throwing his own party under the bus and allowing his soon-to-be errant behavior to define what it means to be a RINO (Republican In Name Only). As a traitor in many conservatives’ eyes, it bears noting that an adios Kinzinger is far more preferable than an ‘alas’ one.

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