WATCH: Don Jr EVISCERATES Joe Biden and His Media Allies After New China Policy Takes Hold

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Don Jr. took no prisoners in his attack against Joe Biden and the media that backs him up. After Biden instituted a new China policy reminiscent of the one President Trump enacted during his time in office, Don Jr. decided he had seen enough hypocrisy from the two-faced press and Joe Biden himself, so he put them all on blast with a scathing video that has been making waves ever since. Everyone is scrambling to watch this stunning take-down – Don Jr.’s statement was bold, unashamed, and filled with facts that can’t be denied. You don’t want to miss it!

After the Biden administration announced mandatory testing for travelers entering the US from China, no one was more vocal about voicing their anger than Donald Trump Jr. Given that Joe Biden has been outspoken about his disdain for many of President Trump’s pandemic restrictions during his time in office, Don Jr quickly brought up those comments to make sure his father wasn’t alone by pointing out the hypocrisy.

If you recall sleepy Joe was very vocal in slamming then President Trump’s China policy calling it “hysterical xenophobia”

The Biden administration’s announcement that travelers coming from China will be subject to testing requirements is not only common sense, but it proves that Donald Trump was right all along. We should all be outraged by the double standard and lack of media coverage, particularly from Big Tech. Thankfully, Don Jr. is pushing back and driving awareness to this important issue. With its power to level the playing field, social sharing is a great way to hold the Left accountable. Let’s make this video go viral and ensure fairness for everyone!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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