BREAKING: Former FBI Boss CONFIRMS Bureau Infiltrated by Those Who ‘Want To Destroy America’

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Breaking news: Former FBI Boss Chris Swecker has just ratcheted up the worry many of us have been having about the FBI’s independence. He states that the bureau has been compromised by individuals who want to See America destroyed, with liberal ideologues pressuring Bureau activities into improper domestic spying. It is clear that the time for cleaning house at the FBI is now in order to keep national security intact; Swecker’s confirmation provides further urgency to this task.

In a shocking and alarming announcement, the former chief of FBI criminal investigations has confirmed that the bureau was infiltrated by those who “want to destroy America”. In his remarkable rebuke, he claimed that the agency had yielded its independence granted to it through Congressional law, submitting instead to a group of “liberal ideologues” within the Department of Justice. These infiltrators forced agents into performing unlawful surveillance and censorship against American citizens.  It’s a disturbing reality for any American patriot to face.

During an interview with Just the News, Ex-FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker explained that bureau problems stem from DOJ’s politicization of its ranks.

Ex-FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker is the latest government official or political figure to support the creation of an independent commission that will investigate the FBI’s practices and impose reforms on the storied law enforcement agency, similar to the US Senate’s Church Committee in the 1970s.

The idea that Congress should establish a blue-ribbon panel modeled after the 1970s Church Committee to investigate what has gone wrong with the FBI and to enact meaningful reforms has been embraced by a growing number of prominent figures, including House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, incoming House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and retired FBI intelligence chief Kevin Brock.

A senator from Idaho, Frank Church, led the committee that revealed CIA’s infamous MKULTRA program, which involved torturing and drugging American citizens to experiment with mind control.

Jim Jordan told Just the News last week, “We’ve been looking at a Church-style committee to look at this.”

According to Swecker, the FBI’s relationship with Big Tech firms is one of the many tell-tale signs that its independence has been lost, as revealed by Twitter’s internal file releases and a lawsuit filed by Louisiana and Missouri attorneys general. According to him, the bureau’s role in pressuring Twitter and other social media and search sites to censor Americans “must be the first line of inquiry” in the new Congress.

It’s truly shocking that this admission is coming from former FBI chief Chris Swecker himself. His confirmation of the infiltration of the bureau by liberal goons working to destroy America is a stunning admission. He believes that an independent commission must be formed in order to investigate this communist coup d’etat and restore freedom to this agency. Furthermore, this relationship between Big Tech firms and the FBI shows just how far their independence has been lost. It’s time for swift action to be taken and purge this institution of all those who are attempting to lead us down a destructive path. The preservation of this great country depends on it!

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