America Horrified After Martha Stewart Wields Samurai Sword for Vax Compliance in BIZARRE Pfizer Ad

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Just wait until you see this – a shocking video just released by Pfizer is making waves. The commercial contains a clear threat to the unvaxxed that has sparked outrage and people are justifiably worried. Martha Stewart sharpening a samurai word for the unvaccinated? We don’t know what exactly this means, but it looks like Pfizer just cranked up the intensity level in their fight to get people to comply with their vaccine initiatives. 

With shots of Martha Stewart wielding a samurai sword as she delivers a message about getting boosted, it begs the question – just how far will Pfizer take this campaign? It’s definitely enough to make us sit up and think.

Stewart appears in a bizarre 30-second Pfizer commercial sharpening a massive Samurai sword in her kitchen. With sparks flying, she looks into the camera and states: “You know that unwelcome guest everyone wishes would leave already? That’s COVID-19.”

Ourtage ensued online after the ad was broadcast.

One twitter user wrote, “Pfizer & BioNTech are now paying Martha Stewart for COVID booster commercials (somebody sold her soul to the devil)”

This twitter user posted, “Why is Martha Stewart telling people to get booster shots in a Pfizer commercial using a sword in a threatening way? Is this not creepy as all get out? Hopefully a sign of peak leftism …”

Another responded, “This should be illegal. I can’t believe pharmaceutical companies are even allowed to create ads to begin with. This makes me sick!”

This one reacted, “I saw this big pharma ad once last week and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Unbelievable!! These celebs are morally and ethically bankrupt and should be boycotted at all cost!!”

The Pfizer ad for the updated COVID-19 booster was released last Wednesday. Additionally, the Stewart commercial was released the same day as HHS extended COVID-19 for another 90 days. 

The recent Pfizer ad featuring Martha Stewart has clearly been interpreted by many as a veiled threat to those who have not taken the COVID-19 vaccine. The spot clearly combines the themes from movies like Kill Bill and Top Chef, creating an image of authority and menace. Even though there was no explicit message in the clip, it clearly gets its point across: get vaccinated or face death. The public reaction to this chilling advertisement has been overwhelmingly negative and it’s clear that Pfizer went to extreme lengths threatening the unvaxxed masses that there will be consciences for their non-compliance.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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