Candy Crisis! M&Ms Melt in the Heat after Chocolate Chaos that Scared Shoppers Away

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M&M’s decision to go in a “woke” direction has backfired as sales dropped after the change. It was true that many were displeased with the new characters and Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke about it, criticizing the candy for trying to be something it’s not. 

In the midst of the culture war, M&M’s is facing backlash after introducing a new lgbtq “spokescandy”. Sales have plummeted, so it appears they are changing their marketing approach.

Daily wire reports, Following criticism from some media outlets, Mars Wrigley’s M&M’s announced Monday that it would no longer use its “spokescandies” in advertising.

During a recent segment, Tucker Carlson criticized the company for changing the appearance of its spokescandies.


Shortly after the Tucker Carlson segment aired a national audience stopped purchasing m&m’s.

Forbes writes, 

Announcing the changes, M&M’s said it “didn’t expect” that the spokescandies would “break the internet,” and that “even a candy’s shoes can be controversial,” which is the last thing the brand expected, “since we’re all about bringing people together.” 

The Brand further announced that it will be taking an indefinite pause from the spokescandies, and that in their place they are going to be using Maya Rudolph. They further stated that Ms. Rudolph will champion the power of fun to create a world where everyone feels they belong. 

M&M’s, the beloved chocolate snack owned by Mars Wrigley, recently announced its “indefinite pause” on featuring its “spokescandies” in advertisements. This announcement followed the supposed controversy spurred by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and woke mobs who took issue with the company’s attempts to make its cartoon characters more inclusive. While Carlson warned of a ubiquitous cancel culture fueled by liberalism and woke mobs, M&M’s seemed determined to push ahead with its woke agenda, only to face lukewarm sales as go woke; go broke seemed like an imminent truth. Truly, the woke movement has moved past sensitizing conversations into over-sanitization campaigns that send the wrong message and lack any real substance. Will this incident signal a larger trend of “go woke; go broke” or will brands continue to risk alienating their customer bases in pursuit of woke points?

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Next News Network Team

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