BOOM! Kari Lake Turns to the Camera, CONFIRMS Exciting Plan B if She Loses Election Case!

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In a shocking surprise move, Arizona conservative Kari Lake confirmed our report yesterday that she is entertaining the idea of a major run if her election case does not go in her favor. In an interview on camera, she told America she’s ‘Entertaining’ a Major Run if She Loses her Election Case. What this bold announcement could mean remains unknown and only time will tell what surprise this Republican has in store for all of us. 

What we reported yesterday has been officially confirmed by Kari Lake. What’s next for this GOP politician? Will the name Kari Lake grace ballots and political conversations once again? We will find out soon!

Kari Lake’s indication that she would run for the Senate in 2024 if she does not get a “decent ruling” in her legal battle for the Arizona gubernatorial election is most certainly something to take seriously. During an interview with Charlie Kirk on Real America’s Voice, Lake made it abundantly clear that this was more than just wishful thinking and looked to be part of an established plan of action determined by the outcome of her lawsuit. Left without a ruling that satisfies her demands, it looks increasingly likely that we will see Lake take up a new fight in the 2024 Senate election.

The latest polling has put a spotlight on the upcoming US Senate race. The poll indicates that if Kari Lake, a firebrand Republican, were to be placed on the ballot against current Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and Democrat challenger Ruben Gallego, she would come out ahead in a three-way contest. This proposition spells danger for incumbents Sinema and Gallego as only 1 in 6 voters remain undecided–not enough to raise the bar of success significantly should Lake’s popularity continue to build. Although there are still several months until Election Day, it is already clear that the race will be fiercely contested regardless of who enters the ring.

Kari Lake has made her stance very clear – she’s not going anywhere. She will fight to the end and stand strong against any attempt of silencing her conservative voice in the wake of this election case. While many may want her to go away, it appears that Kari Lake is here to stay one way or another. She has confirmed that if she does not receive a “decent ruling” regarding her legal battle for the Arizona Governor position, she will be considering a major run for the Senate in 2024. With such unwavering determination, we can only assume that Kari Lake is determined to make her mark on the political landscape in Arizona no matter what obstacle gets thrown in front of her.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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