James Carville ERUPTS: ‘White Trashdom’ Shamelessly On Display At GOP SOTU

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It seems that unity has been a majorly lacking characteristic of recent years between the Republican and Democratic parties. During the State of The Union Address given by the “most popular president” ever, the two parties clashed fiercely in what is considered to be one of the worst addresses in history. Notably, Republicans were incredibly vocal during and after the speech, with Democrats expressing criticism regarding their behavior. 

On Wednesday night, Democratic strategist James Carville harshly criticized the behavior of Republican members of Congress during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. He called it, “White trashdom,” and went on to lament the lack of respect for a major political event that has been part of our nation’s history. As a white trash expert he had a lot to say.

Fox reports, on Tuesday, Democratic strategist James Carville criticized the Republican Party for its “white trashdom” that he claimed was on display at The SOTU.

His appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber” Wednesday night was in response to Republicans’ booing of President Biden during his address the previous night.

Greene screamed “liar” at Biden and many Republicans booed when he accused Republicans of cutting Medicare and Social Security. In spite of Biden’s claim that only “some Republicans” were considering sunsetting those programs, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., insisted last week that they were not on the table.

Here is Speaker McCarthy talking about the viral exchange.

Carville argued that cutting Social Security and Medicare was a well-documented fact.

Carville said. “Well, first of all, their lust for cutting Social Security and Medicare is well documented. We know Newt Gingrich shut the government down and, of course, got defeated in the end. We know that George W. Bush tried to privatize Social Security and Medicare. We know when Paul Ryan was speaker and John Boehner, they did everything they could to cut Social Security and Medicare. We know that that is their objective. I’ve heard today, the congressman from South Dakota, saying that we got to come together and make these cuts. President Biden is 1,000% right on this, and he’s right to press ahead, and I thought he had a great night last night.”

Despite acknowledging that opposition is necessary for a democracy, Carville continued to attack the Republican Party for supporting “crazy trashy White people.”

It’s hard to believe that this is the same Republican party. This current group of MAGA leaders have been elected by the people, not the establishment. They are so closely connected with Americans’ daily lives and issues, it’s almost like they can read their constituents’ minds. Their knowledge of how everyday people feel about the topics of the day showed when Biden tried to lie his way past Americans and he received nothing but a swift shut down from our representatives. Many may find their behavior inappropriate but look where Mitch McConnel has gotten us. Change was needed and now we have some of it, now is not the time to stay silent.

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