Fury After San Francisco Reveals Its $5million Payout Plan – ‘No Math Formula’?!

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San Francisco’s decision to give reparations to individuals came as a shock to many Americans. Such a generous offer seemed too good to be true, especially considering the hefty price tag attached — but according to city officials, this was completely necessary. Amid the insanely controversial decision in this plan, people believed some thought had been put behind such a decision. Turns out we were wrong.

Despite the serious task of coming up with a monetary figure that could  supposedly right the wrongs of decades worth of discrimination suffered by African Americans in San Francisco, The African American Reparations Advisory Committee acknowledged that it had not used any mathematical formula to estimate what they settled on as a $5 million reparation payout.  So what did they use to measure what all the non black Americans slaves were owed? I guess shame on us as a community for thinking they had carefully discussed such a large payout.

Daily Mail reports, San Francisco’s African American Reparations Advisory Committee admits that it did not apply a mathematical formula to calculate the amount it wants to pay to black residents who have endured decades of discrimination. 

Let’s remind you of who is eligible for this first.

A 15-member committee proposed $5 million in reparation payouts in January, along with debt forgiveness and $97,000 in guaranteed income.

According to the city, the controversial figure was determined not by a mathematical formula, but by looking at the history of the state.

According to the Washington Post, chairman Eric McDonnell said there was no math formula.

Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party John Dennis criticized the proposal, saying it lacked justification and analysis.

He told the Post,’This is just a bunch of like-minded people who got in the room and came up with a number.’

Economist William A. Darity Jr., who supports reparations, said the payout needs to be “somewhat realistic.” Calling for a $5 million payout by a local government undercuts the credibility of the reparations effort, he told the Post. 

However, supporters argue that black residents earn on average $44,000 a year compared to their white counterparts who earn over $100,000. 

There are roughly 50,000 African Americans living in San Francisco, so it is unknown how many will be eligible. A huge amount of funding would be needed if each resident qualified, considering the city is still recovering from the pandemic. 

The discussion of reparations for African-Americans has provoked rightful speculation. Yet no questions have been raised if the committee chosen members stand to gain significantly from their proposal. It all makes sense as to why such a random amount was suggested. It is never wise to give people with an ulterior motive to make decisions for themselves. The people of California should be extremely concerned unless they are  fine with such an amount being gifted to a bunch of entitled people who have never been enslaved.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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