The Real Threat to Our Military? Diversity & Climate Change, According to Biden’s Defense Secretary

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Secretary of Defense Austin Loyd recently delivered a message unlike any other. Rather than focusing on national security and rallying the troops, his address centered around politics. Nothing to do with his expertise.

In his memorandum to Department of Defense personnel, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin outlined the foreign threats we face here in America. He instead went out of his way to emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion in the armed forces, and also pointed out challenges such as climate change.

Daily wire reports, The Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin emphasized the importance of “diversity” in the armed forces in a memo he sent to all Department of Defense personnel regarding foreign threats. Austin also emphasized “transnational challenges like climate change.”

In his opening remarks, Austin cited the “2022 National Defense Strategy,” stating that it explains how we will achieve our goals through integrated deterrence, campaigning, and building enduring advantages. He then segued into his “diversity” pitch after mentioning the “pacing challenge from the People’s Republic of China,” “Russian aggression,” and “threats from Iran and North Korea.”

The secretary wrote, “We will continue to recruit and sustain a uniformed and civilian workforce that embodies the diversity and dynamism of our great democracy.”

National security correspondent Jeff Seldin tweeted, @SecDef

Lloyd Austin issues “Message to the Force” – Calls #China “a generational challenge” – Vows to tackle “the Acute #Russia|n Threat” – Calls for vigilance re #NorthKorea, #Iran, terror groups – Warns of security implications of #climatechange

When the secretary was appointed by the awful administration he made it his main priority to focus on diversity.

The Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Adam Smith of Washington, has stated that he plans to introduce legislation in Congress in 2020 to allow trans-identifying troops to serve in the military, a view that the Trump administration had generally opposed.

Secretary of defense Loyd’s behavior instead of focusing on a pragmatic approach to critical threats facing the military is incredibly concerning. Diversity initiatives that prioritize anything other than real qualifications and sound strategies will only make things worse. Joe Biden’s self-congratulatory boasts about his administration being the most diverse are proof of that; our country is currently in a position where such results is putting us at risk, and this should be a warning to us all. We must do better when it comes to protecting our nation, that means finding competent military leaders with good ideas and ignoring moronic calls for greater physical diversity.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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