Texas Republican takes bold action to stop illegal immigration!

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Just when all hope seems lost, Texas representatives are stopping at nothing to make sure their citizens remain supported, even through dire times. As the clock winds down on title 42, they are introducing a bill that could potentially help relieve the burden of an upcoming crisis. This move, made by Rep. Pat Fallon signals some hope for a border state that has had to carry most of the load for all of the Biden immigration policy.

House Republicans led by none other than Pat Fall are taking a heavy-handed approach to illegal immigration with their proposed bill to dramatically ramp up the use of an existing deportation authority originally instituted by the Clinton administration. This new push comes at a crucial moment as Title 42 might be coming to an end. It appears the Republicans are determined to make the most of this rapidly-closing opportunity and take action against those individuals who have made it into American borders illegally. 

Fox News reports, as the clock counts down to the expiration of Title 42 authority in May, House Republicans are reintroducing a bill that would dramatically ramp up the use of deportation authority that dates back to the Clinton administration.

The American Safety and Fairness Through Expedited Removal Act (SAFER), introduced by Representative Pat Fallon, removes some limitations on expedited removal – a power granted to authorities in 1996 to expel certain illegal immigrants.

Legislation first introduced in December abolishes more recent limits on the use of the authority to illegal immigrants caught within 100 miles of the border and staying less than two weeks. As a result, DHS could deport any illegal immigrants who arrived within the last two years, regardless of where they resided in the U.S.

Here is the congressman breaking it down to the press.

The Biden administration has announced that the Title 42 order will be withdrawn on May 11.

Due to the looming deadline, the Biden administration has taken a number of border measures to prepare for what will likely be a significant surge once the order ends. A new rule limits asylum claims, and a humanitarian parole program allows 30,000 migrants a month from some countries into the country.

Republicans have argued that the administration hasn’t done enough to solve the “catch-and-release” procedure that is at the heart of the border crisis, now in its third year.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Fallon said his bill would end “get out of jail free cards” for illegal immigrants who traveled deeper into the country.

It’s refreshing to see a state representative like Pat Fallon actually doing something about the border crisis instead of complaining about it on national tv. And rep. Fallon ought to introduce this new rule as a bill. It goes: If the federal government doesn’t fulfill its duty in protecting our borders and it can be proven as such, the border states that must deal with all the burden brought on by poor policies get veto power against the federal government in order to keep our borders safe. That sounds pretty reasonable, right? 

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