Yet ANOTHER Train DeRailment Under Mayor Pete’s Watch

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The scenic town of Paradise, Montana was left reeling following a shocking 25-car train derailment as captured in horrified citizens’ eyewitness footage.

It feels like there is one massive train derailment after another in Biden’s America 

Breitbart reports, a 25-car train derailed in Paradise, Montana, on Sunday, becoming the latest train derailment across the country.

Plains-Paradise Rural Fire District reports that the derailment, which took place around 9:30 a.m. Sunday on Highway 135, did not involve hazardous materials, unlike the one that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio. Public safety was not at risk as a result of the incident, officials said.

The fire department assured the public that these products are not floating down the river but are secure in the derailment area based on photos showing what appear to be cases of Coors Light and Blue Moon beer near the river. Other derailed cars reached the water empty, officials said.

Investigations are still underway to determine what caused the derailment.

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) was briefed on the derailment and said his administration is “prepared to mobilize the state’s resources.”

After a series of similar incidents across the country, this is the latest derailment.

The Transportation Secretary eventually visited East Palestine, Ohio, in February, but only after former President Donald Trump visited victims and residents of the toxic train derailment there. Buttigieg refused to explain why he had to wait nearly three weeks before visiting the affected area.

Just remember that the Young Turks is one of the most progressive news outlets in the county, and things have to be especially bad if they are going after their chosen politicians.

Additionally, there have been more incidents this year as well. A train derailed in Nebraska in February, for example, involving 31 Union Pacific cars.

Another Ohio train derailment occurred the following month near Springfield, but harmful chemicals were not involved as was the case with the East Palestine derailment.

Late in March, a Canadian Pacific train derailed in Richland County, North Dakota. Although reports indicated there was no danger to the surrounding community, this derailment did involve toxic chemicals.

On Sunday Mayor Pete took to Twitter to make a statement about the insane number of train derailments, and tried to normalize the occurrence.

Mayor Pete stated “For too long, the daily occurrence of freight train derailments in America has been treated as normal – or not noticed at all. This has to change. We are acting to hold freight railroads accountable – and calling on Congress to help us do more.”

Conservative Disaster has truly struck in Montana, where a 25-car train derailment has shocked the citizens of Paradise. With corporate greed driving up the pressure to maximize profits and maintain unsafe speeds, this tragedy is just one example of what can happen when buttigieg-run officials neglect their responsibilities. As more details of the horrific event emerge and toxic waste slowly exposing itself, concerns of a massive coverup and lack of infrastructure investment become even more apparent – making it clear that this inexplicable tragedy could be another example of corporations putting profits over people. What could have been an easily preventable accident serves as a terrifying reminder to hold corporate entities accountable for their corner-cutting and complete disregard for safety.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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