Plunging into the Tempest: Unraveling America’s Quest for Justice in the Russian Collusion Hoax – Part 1

Plunging into the Tempest: Unraveling America's Quest for Justice in the Russian Collusion Hoax - Part 1
Plunging into the Tempest: Unraveling America's Quest for Justice in the Russian Collusion Hoax - Part 1
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**The Untold Story Behind the Greatest Political Upset in History: How a Small Team Helped Secure Trump’s Victory**

In this never-before-told story of the biggest political upset in history, we explore how Jason Sullivan, a concerned citizen and social media strategist, worked behind the scenes to support Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and dismantle the Russian Collusion Hoax. Let’s dive into this incredible journey filled with perseverance, patriotism, and the pursuit for justice.

Sullivan’s life changed when he met his mentor, William R. (Max) Carey Jr., a former U.S. Navy Top Gun fighter pilot and successful chief strategist. Under Carey’s guidance, Sullivan developed a real-time social media software specifically designed to support conservative candidates. They started by helping a senatorial campaign in Minnesota, but their big break came when they were engaged by the Trump campaign to work with Roger Stone.

Between May and September 2016, Sullivan worked tirelessly to help Stone identify opportunities for the campaign, while also battling against Hillary Clinton’s disinformation network. Meanwhile, the Hillary camp was preparing to implement their “insurance policy” to create the Russian Collusion Hoax, setting the stage for a ruthless information warfare.

Throughout the campaign, Trump consistently led against Clinton in Sullivan’s accurate real-time social media intelligence reports. However, the tide began to shift when James Comey announced the reopening of the probe into Hillary’s email server just 11 days before the election. Surprisingly, instead of hurting her campaign, Hillary’s support base rallied around her, and traditional media polls showed Trump in danger of losing the election.

In response, Sullivan and his team devised “Operation Swarm,” an app that allowed Trump’s supporters to automatically retweet his messages on election day. The app was a resounding success, as Trump’s tweets reached tens of millions of people, helping drive the narrative and ultimately secure his victory in the 2016 election.

**The Truth Behind Trump’s Triumph: A Testament to American Patriots and Their Fight for Justice**

This remarkable story highlights the power of real-time social media intelligence, determination, and patriotism. It sheds light on the critical role a small team of passionate individuals had in shaping history’s greatest political upset and exposing the lies behind the Russian Collusion Hoax. The victory for truth and justice has been hard-fought, but as we look back on this unforgettable journey, it is clear that the pursuit for a better America is alive and well.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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