Shocking! Democrats Support King Biden’s Mind-Blowing Budget – Find Out Why!

Shocking! Democrats Support King Biden's Mind-Blowing Budget – Find Out Why!
Shocking! Democrats Support King Biden's Mind-Blowing Budget – Find Out Why!
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**Democrats are pushing for President Biden to have unchecked power over the national budget, paving the way for autocratic rule, which contradicts the very foundations of our nation. Is this really what they want or just another lever for securing their ideological ends?**

In an alarming shift, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and other Democrats are advocating for President Joe Biden to take an unprecedented step in federal financial management, effectively bypassing the role of Congress in the budget process. Reich, who served under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997, is now expressing his views on YouTube, much to the disdain of conservative commentators like Mark Levin.

Labeling Reich as having “gone completely over the Marxist edge,” Levin exposes Reich’s vision of Biden ignoring the debt ceiling and continuing to fund America’s expenditures, regardless of the allocated budget. This proposal seems to dismiss the fundamental principles enshrined in the Constitution, as well as our nation’s history and traditions.

Reich argues that Biden is constitutionally obligated to avoid default, even if that requires bypassing the established legislative process. He boldly challenges Republicans to take the president to court if they wish to stop this power grab. Levin responds to these assertions with a simple question: Did the architects of the 14th Amendment intend for a president to both submit and fund a budget without any congressional involvement?

This unprecedented proposal has sparked both surprise and concern, as the notion of a president gaining unilateral control over the budget could set a dangerous precedent. Constitutional expert Laurence Tribe has even advised President Biden in


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Next News Network Team

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