Oversight Committee to Unleash More Biden Wire Transfers – Scandal Deepens!

It is clear that the Biden family has no qualms about accepting millions of dollars from our adversaries in exchange for political favors.
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The corrupt dealings of the Biden family have once again come to light, with House Oversight Chair James Comer announcing evidence of additional wire transfers to Hunter Biden from countries including Ukraine and Russia. The investigation, which has been hindered by the corrupt Department of Justice and elected Democrats’ attempts to cover up the Biden family’s transgressions, has uncovered a web of financial transactions that allegedly points to a criminal bribery scheme.

Recent whistleblowers from the IRS have called into question Attorney General Merrick Garland’s claim that the investigation into Hunter Biden was conducted thoroughly and fairly. Among the stunning revelations is evidence that Hunter Biden was “tipped off” about a looming raid on his storage facility and that IRS investigators were ordered to “stand down.” It is clear that Garland’s press conference was nothing more than an attempt at damage control, as he claims that criticism of the DOJ amounts to an “attack” on democracy.

Representative Comer has bravely continued his investigation despite the DOJ’s attempts to intervene, obtaining an FD-1023 form compiled by a “highly credible” FBI source that claims Joe Biden and his son Hunter were each paid $5 million by a foreign national in a quid-pro-quo agreement to have Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired. Shokin was investigating the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, where Hunter sat on the board. The foreign national in question has since been identified as Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky.

Comer’s committee has also uncovered documents tracing money allegedly paid to the Biden family through several shell companies. “We have bank records that came in this week that we’re going through that we think are going to show more [money wire transfers] from more countries,” Comer said. “Remember, we just disclosed two countries thus far: China and Romania. There are still some more Chinese wires that we have yet to present to the American people.”

“And there are a lot of wires, mysterious wires from Ukraine and Russia, that we’re about to expose. So, this is just beginning for the Bidens. All the Department of Justice is doing is standing in our way.”

It is clear that the Biden family has no qualms about accepting millions of dollars from our adversaries in exchange for political favors. Those in power are attempting to squash this investigation and sweep the Biden family’s corrupt dealings under the rug. But Representative Comer is committed to continuing this investigation and bringing the truth to light. The American people deserve to know the extent of the Biden family’s crimes.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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