Seattle Pride Event Turns Dark: Children Indoctrinated to Hate as Admiral Levine Announces ‘Summer of Pride’ Amid The Chaos!

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Something unsettling occurred at the recent Seattle Pride event. Adults, supposed advocates for tolerance, directed children to fling “bricks” at a montage of Republican icons. Amid the raucous, a Bible reader faced verbal abuse, his sacred text torn to shreds. This, under Admiral Levine’s newly announced “Summer of Pride.” Is this the inclusivity they promise?

Chants, cheers, and an unwavering rainbow of colors marked this year’s Seattle Pride event. But beneath this façade of diversity and acceptance, a darker narrative unfolded. Adults, tasked with the responsibility of guiding our future generations, veered towards an unsettling path: instructing children to throw mock “bricks” at images of Republican politicians.

On this wall of Republican figures, names like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Ted Cruz were front and center. While these faces certainly divide opinion, the unsettling sight was not these controversial figures, but rather the youthful hands hurling ‘bricks’ at them under the watchful, approving gaze of their adult supervisors.

Aside from this startling visual, another alarming scene took place. A man peacefully reading the Bible, lost in contemplation amid the riotous celebration, found himself the subject of vehement verbal abuse.

His silent demonstration, which stood as a stark contrast to the clamor around him, was met with intolerance and aggression. His personal copy of the Bible was ripped from his hands, its pages scattered as trophies among the hecklers.

These concerning events unfolded alongside a momentous announcement. Admiral Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health at the United States Department of Health and Human Services, took Pride month a step further, declaring an entire “Summer of Pride.”

This proclamation comes as a form of validation from the highest levels of the Biden administration for these increasingly chaotic Pride events.

Admiral Levine’s pronouncement rings hollow in light of these recent events. How does encouraging children to engage in simulated acts of violence against political opponents align with the supposed mission of Pride? Is this the kind of ‘pride’ we’re meant to embrace? This narrative of fostering hatred against opposing views, rather than encouraging dialogue, marks a concerning departure from the promise of diversity and acceptance.

The advocates for this disturbing behavior purport to stand for kindness and inclusivity, but their actions speak louder than their words. This blatant contradiction exposes the increasing polarity of our society, as the notion of diversity gets reduced to a narrow interpretation that excludes conservative ideals.

The hostility and exclusion demonstrated at Seattle Pride reveal a widening gulf between their rhetoric of inclusivity and the reality of their actions. It raises the question, does their definition of ‘diversity’ only extend to those who share their political beliefs? Is it ‘tolerance’ when they promote aggression against those holding opposing views? These incidents provide a grim answer.

The troubling scenes at Seattle Pride signify an insidious trend: the hijacking of movements originally built on the principles of acceptance and inclusivity. These foundations are now undermined by actions that promote hostility and division, behaviors that only further the divide within our society.

The Seattle Pride event exposed a bitter irony. A movement that professes to champion diversity and inclusivity has become an echo chamber of hostility towards differing views. An event that should unite us under a banner of acceptance instead served to expose the hypocrisy at its core. This summer, as Admiral Levine’s “Summer of Pride” takes flight, we must question: Is this the ‘Pride’ we want to promote? Or should we seek a truer celebration of diversity that truly respects all voices? Only through reflection can we ensure that ‘Pride’ regains its lost meaning of genuine acceptance and unity.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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