Through Trump’s Eyes: His UFC 290 ‘Thank You’ Video Shakes Social Media!

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Breaking the internet today is former President Donald Trump’s newly released video “THANK YOU DANA WHITE AND UFC 290!” The video, which predominantly features the exhilarated crowd at UFC 290, has quickly gone viral. Why is this video stirring such a sensation, and what does it say about Trump’s relationship with the masses? Let’s delve into the intriguing narrative Trump has woven with this heartfelt tribute to the UFC crowd.

Former President Donald Trump’s latest foray into social media has captivated the internet, offering a unique, crowd-centric perspective of UFC 290. In a video titled “THANK YOU DANA WHITE AND UFC 290!”, Trump expresses his gratitude to Dana White and the UFC while primarily focusing on the crowd’s frenzied response to his appearance.

The video begins with an aerial shot of the T-Mobile Arena, brimming with fight fans. The magnitude of the crowd sets the tone for what’s to come – a tribute to the spirit and enthusiasm of the UFC fans. As Trump and UFC President Dana White make their entrance, the crowd’s roaring applause fills the arena, their excitement palpable even through the screen.

Rather than focusing on celebrity interactions or backstage moments, the video turns the spotlight onto the crowd. The cheers, the waves, the banners raised in support – the passionate response of the crowd becomes the video’s beating heart. It is this crowd reaction that forms the core narrative of Trump’s tribute.

Trump is no stranger to captivating an audience, and UFC 290 was no exception. The video captures the electrifying response to his presence, as fans cheer, shout, and applaud his arrival. Close-ups of spectators display a wide array of reactions, from those holding their phones up to capture the moment, to others simply cheering in wild approval. This raw, emotional reaction from the crowd speaks volumes about Trump’s enduring charisma and appeal.

Interspersed with these crowd shots are clips of fans expressing their enthusiasm and support for Trump. Phrases like “BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!!” and “Dana White for VP” emerge from the roaring crowd, further testifying to the crowd’s approval of the former president. The video cleverly showcases these personal testimonies, painting a vivid picture of the crowd’s sentiments on that thrilling night.

In a moving segment of the video, we see one of the night’s contenders, Dricus Du Plessis, stepping out of the ring to acknowledge Trump and White. This interaction, captured against the backdrop of a cheering crowd, offers a poignant moment of respect and recognition. The former president’s relationship with the sporting world is underscored as the crowd roars its approval of this interaction.

Despite the controversy surrounding Trump’s appearance at UFC 290, the video manages to focus solely on the positive. Instead of touching on the backlash received by Guy Fieri and other celebrities seen interacting with Trump, the video stays true to its main theme: the crowd’s overwhelming enthusiasm and support.

Trump’s “THANK YOU DANA WHITE AND UFC 290!” video is an unfiltered tribute to the unwavering spirit of the UFC crowd. The former president’s focus on the crowd’s ecstatic response, rather than the celebrities present, sends a clear message: the people remain at the heart of his endeavors. This video captures not only the fervor of the UFC fans but also showcases the profound respect and admiration Trump continues to command among them. It stands as a testament to a memorable night when the euphoria of the crowd and the sport truly took center stage, masterfully captured through Trump’s lens.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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