Collins’ CNN Debut Flops! Trails Behind ‘SpongeBob’ and ‘Golden Girls’

Collins' CNN Debut Flops! Trails Behind 'SpongeBob' and 'Golden Girls'
Collins' CNN Debut Flops! Trails Behind 'SpongeBob' and 'Golden Girls'
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The liberal mainstream media continues to suffer from their own bias and incompetence, as evidenced by the dismal ratings of CNN’s newest show “The Source With Kaitlan Collins”. Collins, a notorious anti-Trump gadfly, has failed to attract viewership despite the network’s best efforts to prop her up as a rising star.

According to Nielsen ratings, Collins’ debut at 9 p.m. on CNN was outranked by a slew of reruns, including old sitcoms like the “Golden Girls” and children’s cartoon “SpongeBob Squarepants”. Even more embarrassing, Collins wasn’t even the top primetime show on CNN, coming in a distant second to Anderson Cooper.

Despite being promoted by then-network head Chris Licht as one of the “top reporters and interviewers in the game”, Collins has failed to deliver in her new slot. Instead, she has become a prime example of CNN’s desperate attempts to appeal to younger viewers, pulling in a measly 83,000 viewers in the key 25-54 age demo. By contrast, Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s show – which airs in the same time slot – attracted nearly 2 million total viewers, cementing his status as the most-watched cable news program.

It’s no wonder that Licht was fired shortly after the change. He had hoped that Collins, at the youthful age of 31, would appeal to younger viewers. But her lackluster performance confirms what we already knew – that liberal propaganda masquerading as news just doesn’t cut it in today’s media landscape.

Collins’ failure is a reminder of CNN’s ongoing struggle to remain relevant amidst falling ratings and dwindling trust from the American public. Instead of promoting objective journalism, CNN seems more concerned with promoting their own biased agenda and pandering to the radical left. No wonder they can’t compete with honest and fair reporting from conservative sources like Fox News and Newsmax.

As Collins fades into obscurity, CNN must realize that their days of leftist propaganda are numbered. The American people want the truth, not more lies and spin from the liberal media. It’s time for CNN to return to real journalism or continue to suffer the consequences of their biased reporting.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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