DeSantis: A New Kinzinger in GOP? Losing Grip on 2024 Run!

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In a startling turn of events, Governor Ron DeSantis, who once appeared a staunch Trump supporter, appears to be steering his political compass towards the anti-Trump stance of Adam Kinzinger. His public criticism of Trump’s handling of the January 6 riot has sent shockwaves through the conservative base, fueling speculation that DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential campaign might be heading towards rocky waters.

Tuesday’s comments by Florida’s GOP Governor, Ron DeSantis, sparked a tumultuous wave of reactions across social media. His surprisingly Kinzinger-esque critique of former President Donald Trump’s handling of the notorious January 6 riot has undoubtedly left conservative quarters wondering if they’re witnessing a seismic shift in DeSantis’ political alignment. Such a deviation from the Trumpian ideology could not only create fissures within the conservative base but also potentially capsize his 2024 Presidential ambitions.

DeSantis, a former ally of Trump, was quoted saying Trump “should have come out more forcefully” during the January 6 Capitol incident. His comments also hinted at his disapproval of what he perceives as the weaponization of political institutions against conservatives. This rebuke of Trump’s handling of the day’s events, coupled with a simultaneous critique of the alleged political bias of the Justice Department and FBI, paints a picture of a man caught in a complex political tug-of-war.

This public disparagement of Trump seems out of character for DeSantis, whose social media team promptly rebutted claims that the governor was distancing himself from the former President. They hit back at Alex Bruesewitz’s tweet comparing DeSantis to Kinzinger, accusing Team Trump of deliberately misinterpreting their governor’s words. However, these actions have done little to quell the growing chatter about DeSantis’ seeming shift in loyalty.

DeSantis’ remarks were made at a South Carolina press event, where he highlighted that Trump should have been more assertive in addressing the riot, despite his condemnation of the prosecution of Trump’s conduct. This position appears to straddle the divide between critical evaluation and political empathy, adding fuel to the fire of speculation about DeSantis’ ideological standing.

The controversy doesn’t stop there. Details have emerged about Trump receiving a target letter from federal prosecutors, which usually indicates impending indictment. It’s part of an investigation into Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. Despite the potential political advantages, DeSantis showed restraint in leveraging these developments, further puzzling his supporters.

Additionally, DeSantis’ campaign seems to be undergoing internal upheavals. Reportedly, his team has fired a number of staff, a move that could signal trouble.

At the same time, a PAC supporting DeSantis has spent heavily on an ad featuring a deep fake of Trump’s voice, further muddying the waters about DeSantis’ stance towards Trump.

Another blow to DeSantis’ campaign came when Trump won the Turning Point USA Straw Poll with a decisive 85% share, while DeSantis’ name was notably absent. Such a strong show of support for Trump implies that DeSantis’ perceived departure from Trump-aligned conservatism could seriously dent his 2024 ambitions.

It’s a perplexing time for DeSantis supporters and Trump loyalists alike. DeSantis’ critique of Trump and his seemingly Kinzinger-like stance are shaking the conservative political landscape, casting serious doubts on his 2024 Presidential aspirations. Whether this is a temporary deviation or a significant political realignment remains to be seen. But one thing is clear – DeSantis’ venture into uncharted political waters may be taking him further from the Trump safe harbor and closer to the stormy seas of uncertain election outcomes.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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