President Biden’s Snooze-fest: Women’s Soccer Jeb Bush Edition!

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In a presidency that’s already drawing parallels to Jeb Bush’s ‘low energy’ campaign, President Biden seems determined to set a new standard. A recent tweet supporting the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team was, for many, a prime demonstration of a leader, not at the helm, but rather at the brink of dozing off. This isn’t just about soccer – it’s emblematic of a larger lethargy seeping into the Oval Office.

On the surface, a tweet might seem trivial, a minor misstep in the grand scheme of things. But for a presidency under fire for its sluggish momentum, Biden’s less-than-enthusiastic cheer was a stark reminder of how far the energy levels have plummeted.

Our President’s approach to national events has taken on a decidedly ‘junior varsity’ tone. Biden’s limp rally cry – “Today’s game day. Go team USA. You’re gonna do this” – lacked the passion, the enthusiasm, or even the vested interest one expects from the nation’s commander-in-chief.

The problem is not just about a game, or a team, or even the world of sports. The concern is far more profound. The fundamental question is, does the President’s demeanor reflect a deeper issue with his leadership?

Energy has been a long-standing debate in the world of politics. Jeb Bush was criticized for his ‘low energy’ demeanor during his campaign. Biden, however, is appearing to lower that bar further. After all, a president’s energy often reflects the vitality of the administration.

One may argue that an aging leader should not be expected to exhibit youthful vigor. However, consider Ronald Reagan. Despite being the oldest president to take office, Reagan never showed a hint of languor. His speeches were power-packed, his enthusiasm palpable. Reagan’s energy was infectious, demonstrating that age isn’t an obstacle to vitality.

We need to see such vivacity from Biden. After all, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team has shown nothing less than stellar performances and unwavering commitment on the world stage. Their dedication deserves a commander-in-chief who can match their fervor.

However, it seems as though the President’s somnolent attitude has started to bleed into the administration itself. As the administration’s energy plummets, so too does the energy of those looking for leadership.

Biden’s less-than-stirring show of support is a symptom of a broader issue: a leader seemingly out of touch with the pulse of the nation. His actions, or lack thereof, have started to resemble more of a slumber party than a presidency.

As we face global challenges, we need a president who can rally the country with vigor and vitality. A president who can inspire us, ignite us, and spur us into action. Sleepy Joe, with his lackluster pep talks, is sadly proving to be less than inspiring.

If Biden wants to leave a lasting legacy, he’ll need to wake up and realize that running a country isn’t a stroll in the park – it’s a race, a game, a battle that needs a leader who can inspire and energize. Right now, it seems we’re in a game with a president more interested in the bench than the field.

Ultimately, it’s about more than a tweet. It’s about the kind of leadership we need – and deserve. A president should invigorate, not induce yawns. As Biden’s energy continues to wane, we’re left wondering, will Sleepy Joe ever wake up? Until then, the sluggish tempo of the Biden administration continues, echoing a somber note for a nation desperate for a rallying cry.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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