Caught on Camera! Hunter Biden’s LA Visit: Lawyer Kevin Morris Hits Bong In Public View From the Street

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Unfolding now, a fresh episode in the Biden family soap opera: Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Kevin Morris, blatantly smoking a bong on his LA balcony, seemingly without care or caution. This spectacle unfolded during Hunter Biden’s visit – an unmistakable sight from the street. This rendezvous raises many eyebrows: what could be the nature of their meeting? Was it a professional discussion over legal troubles, or an indulgence in LA’s infamous recreational pastime? An important question looms over this affair: was Hunter Biden partaking in his lawyer’s smoke-filled diversion?

The Biden family, no stranger to controversy, appears once more to be in the eye of a storm. Their reputation, already marred by various allegations and ongoing legal proceedings, now faces a fresh blow. This time, the fire has been stoked not by Hunter Biden himself, but by his lawyer, Kevin Morris.

Photos have emerged, exclusively obtained by, showing Kevin Morris engaging in a surprising act. The lawyer, known for his Hollywood clientele, was captured smoking from a large bong on the balcony of his LA home. What amplifies the controversy is not just his audacious act of smoking in plain sight of the public street, but the timing. These photos were taken during a visit from none other than his client, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden’s presence during this event has sparked speculation. The son of the president was seen visiting Morris’ Pacific Palisades home on the day that these photos were taken. What has caught public attention is the conspicuous arrival of Hunter Biden in a black SUV, complete with Secret Service bodyguards, dressed casually in a blue shirt, jeans, and aviator sunglasses.

Hunter Biden’s own troubled past with drugs only adds fuel to the flames of this incident. He has openly admitted to his struggles with substance abuse, and images of his drug use have been widely circulated. The question now is whether his lawyer’s brazen act is indicative of their shared habits or merely a coincidence.

While it is unclear what substance Morris was smoking, his bold act presents a clear image to the world. Recreational marijuana use is indeed legal in California, but the optics of such an act are questionable, especially for someone in Morris’ position. And in the context of Hunter Biden’s visit, it has raised eyebrows and sparked rumors about what might have transpired behind closed doors.

Interestingly, this controversy comes on the heels of a revelation made by Senator Chuck Grassley. He published a copy of an FBI report detailing claims that Joe and Hunter Biden had received $10 million in bribes from a Ukrainian gas company owner, Mykola Zlochevsky. Whether these events are connected remains to be seen, but they certainly cast a further shadow on the Biden family’s integrity.

Hunter’s meeting with Morris could be dismissed as a regular client-lawyer interaction, given Hunter’s recent plea of guilty to federal tax crimes. However, the unusual circumstances, coupled with Hunter’s and Morris’ troubled past, paint a rather different picture. One may wonder if the lawyer was providing more than just legal advice. Are we witnessing another Hollywood cliché of lawyers gone rogue, or is there a deeper narrative hidden beneath the smoke?

Kevin Morris, who lent a whopping $2.8 million to Hunter Biden to pay off his tax debts, seems to play a key role in the Biden son’s life. His bong-smoking incident only brings more attention to their relationship, questioning its nature and boundaries. Has this bond blurred the lines between professional obligation and personal recreation?

What’s more concerning is the impact of this controversy on the presidency. With Hunter Biden’s controversies running in parallel to his father’s administration, one cannot help but wonder how much it affects their credibility. As the saying goes, “A man is known by the company he keeps.” Does the same apply to the president and his son?

At a time when the presidency should symbolize responsibility and integrity, such events offer a stark contrast. They represent not just a personal failure, but a public relations disaster for the Biden administration. As these events continue to unfold, one can’t help but anticipate the next chapter in this ongoing saga.

A brazen bong-smoke session, a high-profile visit, an ongoing bribery investigation – all elements of an unfolding controversy that promises to continue. As Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Kevin Morris, boldly lights up his bong for the world to see, we are left wondering what this reveals about their relationship and the nature of their meeting. If the lawyer-client duo were partaking in recreational drug use, it’s a bitter pill for the Biden presidency to swallow. Amid these swirling allegations, one thing is clear: this hazy episode in the Biden family saga is far from over, leaving a cloud of questions lingering.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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