Somewhere on a Beach: Biden Buries His Head in the Sand while on Another Extended Vacation

Biden’s Vacation Amidst Rising Intrigue: Retreat or Coincidence?
Biden’s Vacation Amidst Rising Intrigue: Retreat or Coincidence?
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President Joe Biden continues to shirk his duties as commander-in-chief, as he is enjoying himself on yet another extended vacation to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with First Lady Jill Biden. The timing of this vacation couldn’t be more suspicious, as Devon Archer, a long-time business associate of Biden’s son Hunter, testified before Congress about foreign ventures he worked on, which allegedly involves personal involvement from the president himself.

This vacation marks the umpteenth occasion that Biden has neglected his presidential responsibilities. According to research from the Republican National Committee (RNC), the president has spent a shocking 360 days, or 39 percent of his presidency, on vacation. It’s clear that Biden cares more about lounging on the beach than actually leading the country.

Contrast Biden’s lazy approach to governing with former President Donald Trump, who only spent 132 days away from the White House at his own properties. Barack Obama spent just 38 days vacationing at rental properties in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard during his entire presidency. Even George W. Bush, who was known for spending time at his Texas ranch, only spent 100 days there during his tenure in the White House.

But the Biden beach house has become notorious for reasons that the president surely didn’t anticipate. In 2022, the oldest sitting president in American history became the laughing stock of the world when he fell off his bicycle in public. The touring press pack were quick to capture the embarrassing moment on camera, further cementing Biden’s reputation as a hapless and ineffectual leader.

It’s time for Joe Biden to put down the beach towel and start taking his job seriously. The American people deserve a president who is focused on leading the country, not one who is more concerned with his own leisure time.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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