Disney’s SHOCKING U-Turn: How the Woke Giant is Crumbling Under Pressure

Disney's New Shake-Up: Altering Release Dates and Overhauling 'Woke' Content?
Disney's New Shake-Up: Altering Release Dates and Overhauling 'Woke' Content?
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Disney’s latest capitulation to the ‘woke’ mob is evident in the glaring changes to its upcoming movie lineup, and it’s about time conservatives celebrated this small victory against the left-leaning, politically-correct agenda. Once a bastion of traditional family entertainment, the behemoth now appears to be more malleable than ever, as evidenced by the delay of its much-anticipated live-action “Snow White” film. Set to be released in March 2024, it is now postponed to March 2025, leaving many to speculate that the company is desperately trying to rework the film to fit its latest political leanings.

“Disney’s Snow White,” originally an enduring classic from 1937, now seems to have fallen victim to the digital age, with Variety reporting that CGI dwarf characters will replace the supposed “diverse” cast earlier presented. Is this Disney’s way of sidestepping a potential cultural appropriation controversy or just a convenient way to erase a poor casting decision?

In a delicious twist of irony, even “South Park” couldn’t resist skewering Disney’s perceived decline in content quality. In a recent episode aptly titled “Joining the Panderverse,” the show satirized Hollywood’s obsession with ‘wokeness’, implying that the inclusion of minority characters was more a cynical marketing tactic than a genuine attempt at representation. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, known for her questionable decisions with the Star Wars sequel trilogy, was particularly singled out, suggesting that her leadership may be partly to blame for Disney’s faltering standards.

But the setbacks don’t stop there. The release of “Magazine Dreams” starring Jonathan Majors is also now on the chopping block, possibly due to the actor’s impending legal battles in New York. This just goes to show how the mighty can fall when they’re too busy chasing trends and ignoring quality.

Furthermore, with the actors’ strike now extending past 100 days, it’s becoming abundantly clear that Disney, and the Hollywood elite in general, are feeling the heat. Bob Iger’s recent discussions with SAG-AFTRA indicate a palpable tension. With the 2024 summer blockbusters under threat, it’s high time Disney took a long, hard look at its priorities. The question remains: will they learn from their mistakes or continue down this path of pandering and poor decisions? Only time will tell.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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