MSNBC Outraged: Why Can’t Voters See the Alarming Threat Posed by Trump? Click to Discover!

MSNBC Outraged: Why Can't Voters See the Alarming Threat Posed by Trump? Click to Discover!
MSNBC Outraged: Why Can't Voters See the Alarming Threat Posed by Trump? Click to Discover!
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As a straight-shooting conservative observer, let’s cut to the chase: MSNBC’s weekend broadcast was an ear-splitting cry, a show of dissatisfaction over voters who don’t understand or support Biden the way they should, and who’ve seemingly overlooked the perceived danger of Donald Trump.

Their fixation was a video Trump’s team briefly reshared on social media, that read “united Reich”- a phrase the panel decided was Trump’s nefarious plan to mirror Nazi Germany in America. Their angst and misunderstanding of voters’ sentiments pointed to a troubling inability to connect with and understand the mindset of the American public.

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele vowed fascism was present daily and people seemed to be shrugging it off. Needless to say, these journalists had little love for voters who didn’t subscribe to their fatalistic visions of Republicans wreaking havoc.

Conversations swirled around alluding plans for America that mirrored the horror of the Reich – a scenario that they breathed life into with curious readiness. It wasn’t just speculation; they seemed eager to physically shake people into seeing things their way. Yet, their alarming vision of a forthcoming American Reich and disappointment in voters was a peculiar contrast to what many people actually thought about Trump, a sentiment perfectly encapsulated in Salena Zito’s 2016 observation: “The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

Ironically, while these liberal panelists screeched about imminent fascism, Trump supporters discerned his indirect message: core American values needed safeguarding.

As for Biden’s communication? It faltered, his speech often murky, his attempts to dabble on both sides of issues confusing. Americans understood Biden in the rise of their gasoline bills and grocery costs, the disconcerting scenes at the border, and the chaotic state of American cities.

Reflecting on this, it becomes clear that the disconnect between media opiners and voters is larger than we thought. The liberal panel’s fixation on ‘gotcha’ moments, and their unwavering focus on painting doom and gloom scenarios, showcases their misplaced perception of voters’ intelligence.

This type of sensationalist rhetoric impedes the public’s understanding of political realities, distorts perceptions, and leads to a collective disillusionment. Instead of communicating effectively and bridging gaps, it’s widening the chasm between the press and the public.

As we navigate political waters, we need less fear-mongering, less dramatization of events, and more rational, calculated evaluation. After all, the voters spoke, signaling their confidence in a different narrative. If mainstream media outlets want to regain credibility, they must strive to understand these voices rather than demonize them and their choice of leaders. If not, these outlets risk spiraling further into the abyss of irrelevance.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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