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Joe Biden in 2015: "abortion is always wrong."
White House

Joe Biden’s Past Statements on Abortion Further Prove He’s Nothing But a Puppet for the Far Left

Two resurfaced videos of Joe Biden speaking on the topic of abortion in the past have been making their rounds on social media. Unsurprisingly, Biden’s thoughts in both videos are …


Trump Attorney Eric Herschmann Disputes Cassidy Hutchinson Claim

Former President Donald Trump’s former attorney Eric Herschmann gave a bombshell revelation that a handwritten note that witness and Mark Meadow’s Chief-of-staff Cassidy Hutchinson claimed to have written was actually …

White House

Biden Blames “Russia, Russia, Russia” For High Gas Prices

On Thursday while speaking at the NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, blamed the high gas prices and food crises on “Russia, Russia, Russia.” He said “the reason why gas prices …

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