University Professor Tells Students to Only Believe Liberal News Sources

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It’s no secret that institutes of higher education are typically liberal. Often, however, the professors disguise their bias, but not one at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Young America’s Foundation obtained a video of Michael Fayz, Professor of Business Law and Ethics at Wayne State University telling his students what news they should, and should not, believe. He told them,  “If you’re like me, go watch MSNBC. If you’re gonna watch Fox, especially at night, then you need to go watch half-an-hour of something that’s actually true,” reports Breitbart.

Young America’s Foundation, which introduces students to conservatism through [their] campus programs and conferences according to their twitter page, obtained the video of Professor Fayz, via its Campus Bias Tip Line.

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Professor Fayz is not well-liked by many, according to One student, who gave Fayz an “awful” rating, said, “He is very politically motivated with his personal, something that will affect your grade if you di (sic) not step in line with him. I feel like the poor people of China, Korea, Russia who are being lied to and told what to, or not to follow.” Another former student said, “Bias and more into teaching his views. Very hypocritical and totally ignorant.” He/she also rated the Professor as “awful.” While Professor Fayz also has good ratings, they are likely from students who share his political ideology.

Regarding Professor Fayz’ opinion, he is simply wrong. His beloved MSNBC leans left almost the same amount as Fox News leans right, according to Ad Fontes Media’s Interactive Media Bias Chart. It is likely that he believes what he preaches, however, since it is likely all he watches. When you only hear one side of a story, you are likely to believe that side. Should a college professor be allowed to indoctrinate his students like this?

Stacey Warner

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