Johnny Depp To Reprise Captain Jack Sparrow, Rumors Say

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Johnny Depp has repeatedly said that he took his ex-wife Amber Heard to court to get his reputation back. It appears that, by winning his case, he has done just that. At least, if the rumors about Captain Jack Sparrow hold true.

Johnny Depp has played many famous characters, from Edward Scissorhands to Officer Tom Hanson on 21 Jump street and many others. But the role he may be best known and loved for is his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Depp was dropped from the movie series after Heard began accusing him of domestic abuse. He testified in court that Disney dropped him from Pirates 6 just days after Amber Heard’s now infamous Washington Post op-ed was released in December 2018.

Now, there is a rumor that Depp will be getting paid more than $300 million to return to Pirates of the Caribbean, reports The New York Post.

“According to an industry insider, [Disney] is preparing a USD $301 million deal as a formal apology and a request for the beloved actor to return as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise,” reports Australian news source Poptopic. The amount is very interesting because, during the recent highly publicized trial between Depp and Heard, her attorney asked, “Is Disney aware that Mr. Depp has testified under oath that he would not take another Pirates of the Caribbean franchise role for $300 million and a million alpacas?”

Courtesy of Celebrity Crave via relevant part at 5:02

This adds some credibility to the rumors since Disney allegedly has or will offer Depp more than what he allegedly said he wouldn’t take. There’s no word on the alpacas yet though.

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Johnny Depp has said he would not work with Disney again because they made him “guilty until proven innocent.” Over $300 million is a lot of money, however, and what if they come up with those alpacas? Do you think he will take the deal? And if so, will Disney be able to keep from ruining the movie, as they did with Lightyear, with more woke age-inappropriate topics?

Stacey Warner

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