WATCH: Kennedy Unleashes on Biden, Says He’d Be Better Off Selling Catheters on TV

WATCH: Kennedy Unleashes on Biden, Says He'd Be Better Off Selling Catheters on TV
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Joe Biden has had a rough go of it as president. He’s been bogged down by scandal, plagued by gaffes, and constantly overshadowed by the gaffes of his even less popular VP. But for all his failings as leader of the free world, Biden would probably make an excellent late night TV pitchman. Senator John Kennedy thinks so too.

Joe Biden will go down in American history as one of the worst presidents we have ever had. He’s so bad, in fact, that Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said Biden would be better off selling catheters on late night TV.

Hannity writes. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy appeared on Fox News to discuss why liberals are bailing on a second Joe Biden term in 2024; some prominent Democratic voices are not supporting him. The usual Kennedy gems were dropped along with some pretty sharp insights. 

Lets watch the exchange.

Kennedy has been critical of Biden in the past, and has taken some good shots at him.

As Next News Network reported in May, Senator Kennedy was once again tearing down Biden in an epic rant. 

Lets see this rant.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is a failure. His own party is running from him so maybe Joe should switch gears. Just think about it- who better to sell catheters than a guy who’s had more than his fair share of awkward moments? Or Joe Biden could be the face of Depends, making sure that everyone knows that incontinence doesn’t have to be a taboo topic. He could even do those annoying infomercials where he hawks some sort of newfangled bedpan that makes going to the bathroom a breeze. In short, Joe Biden may not be cut out to be president, but he could definitely sell you a mean kitty litter box. And that’s something I think Jill would finally be proud of.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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