BOOM! Biden Will FREAK After Seeing Trump’s Response NOTHING BURGER Tax Returns

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President Donald Trump’s new campaign video about the left’s attempt to access his taxes is a prime example of a famous saying: turnabout is fair play. After a lot of heated speculation, poor Democrats were left feeling foolish as Trump’s tax returns showed a big fat nothing burger with a side of humiliation sauce. This was a major embarrassment for those on the left who thought it would somehow surmount to something incriminating. The Biden Administration will likely have to tread carefully if the incoming Republican-led House requests his financial records, as they may find themselves in a similar situation — only this time on the opposite side!

Turnabout is fair play! After the Democrats’ relentless pursuit of President Trump’s tax returns, it appears that they finally got what they wanted. However, President Trump was quick to slam their ‘deranged witch hunt’, and called upon the incoming GOP House to produce Joe’s financial records. It’s clear that the Democrats will do whatever it takes to get what they want, but now let’s see Joe Biden’s financial disclosures too! It looks like this political feud isn’t done yet.

Joe and Hunter Biden should be very concerned – Rep. Jamie Comer (R-KY) has announced plans to investigate Joe Biden on a wide array of violations, including wire fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. The current chairman of the House Oversight Committee is looking into Joe and his son’s financial records for violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and even the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. This really brings into question how Joe has handled his finances during his time in politics! It will certainly be interesting to see what comes to light when investigating Joe Biden’s finances.

Meanwhile, an expert on Joy Reid’s failing program, “THE REID OUT,” declared that Trump’s tax returns may embarrass the former president if his lack of wealth is revealed.

The only people embarrassed now are the rabid liberals.

With the media declaring that President Donald J Trump’s tax returns would be “bigger than Watergate,” the stakes were high and anticipation ran rampant. This could be the moment that his administration crumbled and he was finally brought to justice. After all, this had been several years in the making — with every twist and turn building up to THIS VERY MOMENT! But instead of a juicy revelation, all we were left with was a big ol’ nothingburger.

After the much-hyped reveal of Donald Trump’s personal financial records, it was revealed to be a supreme nothingburger. He had much the same income levels as any other established business person, albeit with a few extra losses incurred from deciding to run for public office. Get ready for your turn Joe! With the Republicans in control of the House and this demand issued by Trump, it looks like Biden’s financial records are up next.

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