OFFENSIVE CONTENT: What Did Don Lemon Say About Michelle Obama & Melania Trump? Unreal Reactions!

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CNN’s Don Lemon set the internet ablaze with controversy after a video of him making comparisons between former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Melania Trump began circulating online. Twitter exploded in outrage, trending #DonLemon after Lemon went on a rant about who he thought was more attractive. Seconds later, Don Lemon got obliterated by his comparison of the two First Ladies and made waves across social media!

In a resurfaced video from a few years back, Don Lemon did what most of us wouldn’t dare -– compare the beauty of former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. While most of us who watched shook our heads in disbelief, Twitter users immediately launched an outpouring of outrage under the hashtag #DonLemon. Seconds later, it seemed like the internet was the stage for an obliteration war –- talk about how quickly social media can turn! It’s still unknown whether there will be remnants left online of Lemon’s comments, but one thing is for sure – all eyes were definitely on him!

Don Lemon’s comparisons between former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Melania Trump were the subject of a meme that began circulating online.

The meme was based on a resurfaced video in which Lemon went on a rant about who he thought was more attractive.

Don Lemon will forever remember the moment his comments about comparing Michelle Obama and Melania Trump ended up spurring a wave of outrage on social media! The meme went viral and # DonLemon quickly surged on Twitter as soon as people caught wind of his remarks. In record time, Don Lemon was annihilated by the Internet’s furious reaction to his comparison between two First Ladies.

@leegibsonmusic tweeted, “Well, Don isn’t into those who are feminine so that’d make sense.”

@StarrAngel57 tweeted, “well lemon likes dudes so guess that explains it!”

@joedubois29 simply posted this meme:

Josh Seymour (@joshsey07543778) tweeted,  “Well Don Lemon is gay – what do you expect?”

@DonaldScottKY tweeted, “That’s understandable in his case because Michelle looks more like a man.”

DeltaDawn (@Whazdatflower) tweeted, “Big Mike is a man so there is no competition.”

Abe Bker (@abakes16) decided to share a classic throwback moment to the early days of the Obama’s courtship with this beautiful photo.

An Italian twitter user, “Lorito Real Estate” decided this was the best time to resurface another video. You know the one that was recorded of Joan Rivers two months before she died.


Is Michelle Obama a Man?! This question recently made its rounds on the internet after CNN host Don Lemon decided to compare Michelle Obama and Melania Trump in his own way; needless to say, that meme sparked fire! But I certainly would not want to assume Michelle’s gender and jump on any bandwagon… Let’s just say that Don Lemon will forever be remembered for this moment in internet history after the internet ROASTED him into oblivion for his comments. Is it ironic or poetic justice that those who are so quick to judge are the first to get the kinds of reactions they teach us not to give? Maybe low blows deserve even lower ones.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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