House Passes First Overwhelming Bipartisan Committee Since It’s Start

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The House of Representatives announced that a major bipartisan committee had successfully passed with an overwhelming favorable vote–the first of its kind since the new congress was sworn in just like week. This vote means a lot especially with what this committee is expected to go after. It is certainly we as a nation need to be unified under.

The House’s recent passage of a resolution to create a bipartisan China select committee is certainly noteworthy, as it highlights the importance of closely examining our relations with The CCP. However, there is also cause for concern when we look at how many Democrats actually voted against this resolution. With tensions between the two countries continuing to escalate, it is difficult not to feel some sense of urgency surrounding this issue. As such, it becomes even more important for all members of Congress from both parties to work together productively when considering matters relating to our nation’s relationship with China.

The Hill reports, on Tuesday, the House overwhelmingly passed a resolution creating a select committee dedicated to U.S. competition with China, fulfilling a campaign promise Republicans made before the 2022 midterm elections.

With 146 Democrats joining Republicans in supporting the resolution, it passed 365-65. The only “no” votes came from Democrats.

Here is what the incoming chair of this committee had to say in recent weeks about the CCP, Rep. Mike Gallagher TAKE A LOOK>>> 0:28-1:33

The group has the authority to hold public hearings, which will consist of seven Republicans and five Democrats.

During debate on the House floor, Speaker Kevin McCarthy said, “I’ve heard my colleagues on both sides say that the threat posed by Communist China is serious. I fully agree. This is an issue that transcends political parties. And creating the select committee on China is our best avenue for addressing it.”

As far back as midterm elections, McCarthy said House Republicans would form a China select committee if they win control in November. According to him, he wanted to “look at every industry that China has tried to take control on” and “look at where China has been stealing our technology as well.”

His commitment to follow through was fulfilled in December when he appointed Gallagher to chair the panel. In their Fox News op-ed that month, McCarthy and Gallagher said the panel would bolster the U.S. military, repair supply chains, and end Chinese dependence.

Also, McCarthy has been working to establish a China panel since 2020, and the creation of the select committee fulfills that goal. That year, he came close to doing so until Democrats backed out.

It’s nice to see that this is not only a partisan committee. After the announcement, House minority leader Hakeem Jeffiers said some classic Democratic things.

In any case, the Democratic leader reiterated that his caucus “will firmly speak out against xenophobic rhetoric and conspiracy theories should this committee devolve into extreme MAGA Republican talking points that further anti-Asian hate crimes in this country.”

It is certainly gratifying to witness the House acting in a bipartisan manner, especially under a Republican majority. China’s rise as a superpower is indeed a threat to our way of living and American ideals. It is our duty to take active steps against the Chinese government’s aggressive attempts of economic and technological dominance. If we do not step up and do something, no other nation will act either – chances are they are already significantly behind when it comes to standing up to China. It is time for America to remind China of its place in the world and make sure that their power does not threaten American security, both economically and politically.

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