Kamala ENDLESSLY Mocked after Cringe Speech to Basketball Team that Just Lost March Madness Game

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Imagine for a second that you worked your tail off to make it in Division I basketball and got your team to the Big Dance as a scrappy underdog and 16 seed, only to get demolished by nearly 30 points. Is there anything more demoralizing in life? In the case of Howard University’s men’s basketball team, yes. Immediately following Howard’s loss to Kansas on Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris was spotted in the locker room giving the players from her alma mater a pep-talk.

After the Bisons’ hearts had just been broken, Harris, Howard class of 1986, gave a kindergarten-style speech to them.

One Twitter user commented on Harris’ speech, saying, “These are college age kids and she talks to them like they just played their first YMCA game.”

Dan Dakich – former player, an assistant coach, a one-time interim head coach for the Indiana University Hoosiers, a former head coach at Bowling Green State University, and now a radio host for OutKick – also mocked Harris’ post-game speech to her alma mater’s team

More Twitter users joined in on the mockery, with one person commenting, “Every team that loses should have to listen to this as punishment.”

Another said, “Why does it always sound like she’s talking to second-graders? So condescending.”

Another added, “If there wasn’t a March Madness sign behind her, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the camera turned on the room to show toddlers with their sippy cups struggling to stay awake.”

Their mockery of Kamala Harris is funny because sometimes you have no choice but to laugh at something, otherwise you would cry. Observing the childlike Vice President of the United States constantly spewing gibberish and talking to people like infants, you can’t help but worry about the country’s future-especially since she’s one heartbeat away from becoming president.

As Harris incoherently bumbled through her attempt at granting some solace to the crestfallen players from her Alma Mater, one cannot help but wonder whether her post-game speech will go down in history as the worst of all time. 

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