Mark Wahlberg Revolutionizes Film Industry: Hollywood 2.0 and New Studio Location Revealed!

Mark Wahlberg Revolutionizes Film Industry: Hollywood 2.0 and New Studio Location Revealed!
Mark Wahlberg Revolutionizes Film Industry: Hollywood 2.0 and New Studio Location Revealed!
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Actor Mark Wahlberg champions Las Vegas as the new Hollywood, encouraging Nevada lawmakers to capitalize on the film industry and grow the economy. As the state’s legislature debates tax credits for film production, Wahlberg pushes for Las Vegas to open its doors to Hollywood and thrive.

Mark Wahlberg, famed actor and entrepreneur, is urging Nevada lawmakers to seize the opportunity of boosting Las Vegas’ economy and job market by becoming Hollywood’s new home. With the Nevada legislature currently discussing tax credits for the film industry, Wahlberg emphasizes the city’s growth potential and ability to prosper if it embraces film production. Recently moving from California to Nevada himself, the actor is confident in the possibilities Las Vegas can offer.

Wahlberg has been vocal in his support for converting Las Vegas into “Hollywood 2.0,” citing the creation of 10,000 jobs and average salaries of $100,000 for the proposed new studio. Taking advantage of this situation, he said, would benefit locals and allow new talent to flourish. The actor has also expressed interest in opening a shoe factory and apparel production facility in the city, further diversifying the economy.

The actor’s vision of Las Vegas as the next film industry hub includes expanding the current tax credits offered to film production companies, requesting an increase from $10 million per year to $190 million per year over the next 20 years. Wahlberg has also praised Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo’s eagerness to find new opportunities for job creation outside of gaming, recognizing the city’s potential for growth and economic diversification.

However, not everyone shares Wahlberg’s enthusiasm for increasing tax credits for film production in Nevada. Annette Magnus, leader of Battle Born Progress, argues that tax abatements should not be provided at the expense of communities. She maintains that if companies wish to conduct business in the state, they should do so independently and without relying on community financial support.

Wahlberg has long been known for his unconventional path in Hollywood, particularly in his religious beliefs. Earlier this year, he spoke about how his faith has enriched his life and career, stating that his mission is to save sinners, not saints.

As Las Vegas contemplates embracing the film industry, Mark Wahlberg remains optimistic about the city’s potential for growth and prosperity. Encouraging lawmakers to take advantage of the opportunities available, he envisions a bright future for Nevada and its residents in the world of film.


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