Hell’s Gates Swing Open in Church Service as God is Branded ‘Non-Binary’, Bold Blasphemy Shocks the Faithful!

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As Satan cackles with glee, the Edina Community Lutheran Church opens wide the gates of hell with the alarming announcement of a ‘non-binary’ God. This startling proclamation, a product of the ubiquitous ‘woke’ culture, sent shivers down the spine of the true faithful. Ignoring centuries of established belief, this apostate action marks a treacherous path to a different kind of spiritual awakening—one that Christians must staunchly oppose.

In an era where progressive woke ideas often clash with time-honored religious traditions, the recent actions of the Edina Community Lutheran Church in Minnesota take this conflict to an outrageous new level.

As the congregation had settled in for the Sunday service, pastor Jeff Sartain, took the stage and began the service with a bold and dramatic statement. He recited the ‘land acknowledgment,’ where he officially opened the ‘woke gates of hell’ and condemned the churchgoers for worshiping on the traditional ancestral and contemporary lands of the Dakota nation.

The flock was then led by Pastor Anna Helgen who introduced what they referred to as the “sparkle creed.”

In this creed, God was referred to not as the Father, as traditional Christian doctrine teaches, but as a ‘non-binary’ entity with plural pronouns. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was described as having ‘two dads’ and a ‘fabulous’ tunic. This marked departure from standard biblical teachings was met with shock and dismay by traditional Christian observers.

Under the guise of inclusivity and diversity, the Edina Community Lutheran Church’s stance twists centuries-old Christian doctrines to an almost unrecognizable degree. It is not merely a reinterpretation of biblical text but a reformation of the very pillars upon which the Christian faith stands.

Pray for these lost souls:

The fervent outcry against this blatant disregard for time-honored religious principles was immediate and loud. Christians worldwide have expressed shock, disappointment, and righteous indignation. Their worry is that such reckless reinterpretations will erode the foundational beliefs of the faith, leaving behind a hollow shell.

However, the Edina Community Lutheran Church is not alone in their unsettling reinvention of faith. A growing number of religious institutions are bending the knee to woke culture, incorporating elements of this modern socio-political trend into their sermons and teachings. In these woke houses of worship, God becomes an all-inclusive, gender-fluid entity, rather than the sovereign deity recognized by millions of Christians worldwide.

These churches argue that their interpretation is merely an updated version of Christianity, one that better aligns with the cultural and social attitudes of the 21st century. They see their versions of faith as more accepting and inclusive, appealing to a broader swath of believers.

However, their claim fails to consider the foundational tenets of the faith they claim to uphold. Christianity, like any religion, is built upon thousands of years of belief, practice, and interpretation. To modify these core beliefs on a cultural whim is not an evolution of faith, but a betrayal of it.

It is not surprising that Satan, the embodiment of deceit and disruption, would revel in this chaos. The creeping influence of this woke culture within the Church creates discord and fractures the unity of the faith, aligning perfectly with his destructive intent.

The term “demon spawn” might seem harsh, but it accurately reflects the Christian perspective on this disturbing development. Anything that leads the faithful astray, that breeds confusion, and that distorts the word of God, is indeed the work of demons. And if left unchecked, this dangerous trend will only open the gates of hell wider, allowing more of the demonic influence to seep into the world.

In this fraught climate, Christians must rise up against this new form of spiritual warfare. They must not stand idle while the integrity of their faith is compromised, the sanctity of their God questioned, and their Savior’s sacrifice trivialized. It’s a call to arms to safeguard the purity of the faith, to uphold the teachings of the Bible, and to push back against the corruption of the Church by woke culture.

As the Edina Community Lutheran Church and its ilk invite a darker force into sacred spaces with their depraved distortions of faith, it’s time for true Christians to rise. The sacred trust between God and his followers is being tested by these demon spawns. This is not a time for compromise but for steadfast conviction. Every Christian must rise, not with hate, but with the impenetrable armor of faith. It is a call to action, to stand against this wave of heresy that threatens to wash over the holy pillars of Christianity, a battle cry to reclaim the true essence of faith from the clutches of Satan’s delight.

Here is the full service:

Feel free to share your pride for Jesus’ salvation on their Facebook post: https://fb.watch/lr7N3JzQPb/

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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