Explosive Revelation JUST CONFIRMED! FBI Knew Hunter’s Laptop was Authentic, Yet Engineered Its Social Media Censorship

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The American public’s faith in its agencies took another serious blow this week. The FBI, which had been cautioning social media companies about potential Russian disinformation in the heated 2020 election, had its credibility questioned. They knew the entire time that Hunter Biden’s laptop was not a fabrication, not a product of disinformation, but genuine. As the New York Post attempted to bring light to the alleged influence peddling by the Biden family, the FBI, instead of affirming the truth, declined to comment on the laptop’s authenticity. This carefully staged silence opened the door for a widespread censoring of the story.

In a troubling revelation that comes from a transcribed interview of Laura Dehmlow, the Section Chief of the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, we now know that the FBI not only knew the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop but chose to remain silent. The decision not to respond to direct questions concerning the laptop’s authenticity mislead social media companies, ultimately shaping the narrative around the New York Post story. This led to the social media giants concluding that the story was Russian disinformation, causing widespread censorship on major platforms.

On the day the Post published the potentially game-changing story, FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force had a meeting with Twitter. When questioned about the authenticity of the laptop, an FBI lawyer present curiously interrupted the proceedings to state that the FBI had “no further comment”. Instead of clarifying the situation, the FBI chose to let ambiguity reign, opening the door for the censorship of the story.

The FBI’s actions did not end there. Later that same day, during a meeting with Facebook, Dehmlow echoed the FBI’s earlier “no comment” stance on Hunter Biden’s laptop when probed by a Facebook employee. These refusals to clarify the authenticity of the laptop occurred despite the FBI being in possession of it and having confirmed its genuineness. Dehmlow revealed that multiple personnel on FITF knew the laptop was real, shedding light on the depth of the FBI’s silence.

As a direct consequence of the FBI’s non-disclosure, Twitter blocked the story from being shared, and Facebook throttled its circulation, significantly reducing its prevalence in users’ newsfeeds. By choosing to remain silent, the FBI ensured that millions of Americans did not have a clear understanding of an issue that could have swayed the 2020 presidential election. In the wake of the allegations and subsequent censorship, the impact on the electoral process and public opinion cannot be overstated.

The FBI’s silence didn’t cease in the lead-up to the election. Despite having the laptop and knowing its authenticity, the FBI never formally disclosed this truth. Dehmlow’s testimony affirms that had the story been a product of a Russian disinformation campaign, the FITF was authorized to warn the companies. But when the FBI officials declined to verify the laptop’s authenticity, the social media companies had no option but to censor an otherwise accurate news story.

This grossly negligent handling of information by the FBI raises serious concerns. The very agency that should uphold truth and justice actively participated in a narrative that led to the censorship of a pivotal news story. This calls into question the role of the FBI, its political leanings, and its ability to handle information that has the potential to influence public opinion and the electoral process. By allowing speculation to replace facts, they eroded the American public’s right to be informed about the allegations surrounding a presidential candidate’s family.

A detailed account of these events is provided in a full letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, outlining the FBI’s handling of the situation. The disturbing reality unveiled in these documents demonstrates the FBI’s egregious misstep. Their silent endorsement of a narrative that ran contrary to the truth not only protected Hunter Biden but also denied the American people the right to know the truth. By allowing an allegation to be suppressed through their actions, they played a significant role in molding public opinion around the election.

This scandal should not be understated. The implications are far-reaching and deeply troubling. The FBI, a respected and trusted institution, has effectively compromised its credibility. The actions taken were not ones of ignorance, but of intentional silence. It is not only a failure of one of our most important institutions, but a gross abuse of power that undermines the very principles our country stands for.

The FBI’s actions in this matter are, quite simply, indefensible. They not only knew the truth about the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop but also allowed for the suppression of this truth. The resulting censorship deprived the American public of critical information during an extremely pivotal time. This shocking abuse of power raises questions about the FBI’s impartiality and commitment to truth. As Americans, we deserve better from those who pledge to protect us. This tale of silence, censorship, and deception serves as a stark reminder that those in power must be held accountable for their actions. The truth matters, always.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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