MUST SEE: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Sentinel Unshaken by Violent Storm – Loyalty on FULL Display

Storm's Wrath Counteracted by Sentinel's Dedication in Heart-Touching Display of Honor
Storm's Wrath Counteracted by Sentinel's Dedication in Heart-Touching Display of Honor
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Washington, D.C. was hit with a ferocious thunderstorm on Friday that left destruction in its wake. However, amidst the chaos, the unwavering loyalty and devotion of our U.S. Army Sentinels were once again on full display at Arlington National Cemetery.

Despite the high winds and heavy rain reaching a staggering 60-85 mph, a Sentinel continued marching at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, exemplifying unyielding dedication and patriotism. This extraordinary display of fortitude in the face of adversity clearly shows that our soldiers would not let even the worst weather halt their mission to honor our fallen heroes.

Astonishing footage captured by a bystander in Arlington National Cemetery shows the Sentinel still walking the post, moving forward with unshakeable strength, while other structures lay in ruins. This breathtaking and awe-inspiring moment showcases the unbreakable spirit of our armed forces and their resolute commitment to their ongoing mission of protecting our nation against all odds.

As a result of the storm’s destruction, the Arlington National Cemetery remains closed to visitors until further notice. However, funerals continue to take place, with the unwavering diligence of our skilled work crews in charge of the cleanup ensuring that the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier remains a symbol of America’s pride and resilience.

We, as a nation, owe our deepest gratitude to those brave souls who make it their mission to protect our sacred land, even in the harshest of weather conditions. We salute the Sentinel, along with all the soldiers of The Old Guard, for their unmatched bravery, dedication, and heroism. They are the very embodiment of our nation’s values and our never-ending fight to maintain the freedom and democracy that we hold so dear. Let us forever cherish and honor their remarkable service.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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