Libertarian Party Trolls Biden, McConnell

Libertarian Party Shakes Politics: Eyeing Conservatorships over Biden and McConnell?
Libertarian Party Shakes Politics: Eyeing Conservatorships over Biden and McConnell?
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The United States is in crisis. The people are being led by incompetents, who are too old and too mentally frail to govern, let alone make important decisions that impact millions of lives. The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) has announced that it plans to file for conservatorships for President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The LNC claims that both men are clearly incapacitated, suffer from mental lapses, and display deficiencies in decision-making.

These allegations are not baseless. There have been numerous instances where both Biden and McConnell have exhibited alarming levels of disorientation, mental confusion, and stroke symptoms in public. Just recently, McConnell froze for an extended period and appeared disoriented when asked about the possibility of running for re-election in 2026. President Biden, on the other hand, has had many missteps that have led to people to not only question his mental acuity but also a sharp decline in approval rating among American voters.

The LNC’s decision to seek conservatorships for Biden and McConnell is a necessary step in pushing for change. With neither of the dominant political parties willing to act, the Libertarian Party has stepped up to take responsibility. The financial tyranny inflicted upon the American people by the geriatric elites, who have squatted in public office for decades, amassing massive wealth from lobbyists, Super PACs, and tax dollars, while the average American feels the pain of inflation and watches their savings dwindle, is insulting and infuriating. These elites are not fit enough to govern, yet they continue to hold power.

Angela McArdle, the Libertarian National Committee Chair, stated that these men, along with others like Diane Feinstein and John Fetterman, are unfit to govern. She questioned how they could be trusted to make decisions that impact the lives of millions when they seem unfit to be left alone at home. McArdle announced, “The Libertarian National Committee is doing the responsible thing: we are filing for conservatorship of Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell. These men are not well enough to make financial decisions with their own money or with taxpayer money, so we’ve compassionately decided to step in and make those important decisions for them.”

But the LNC’s move is not just about the mental state of the two leaders. It is also about their policies and decisions that have impacted the nation. The incurrence of $4.8 Trillion in debt, continued involvement in an unwinnable proxy war in Ukraine, questionable and potentially criminal business and political affiliations, and lack of awareness to the state of the United States domestically, are indefensible. The reclassification of gun violence as a “public health emergency” is a novel approach that is unlikely to survive judicial scrutiny.

The LNC is actively seeking legal representation in Washington DC to expedite the proceedings. They are also encouraging other parties to file for conservatorships for any other incompetent geriatric members of the federal government. While the LNC’s move is sure to be seen by many as a political stunt, it highlights the growing concerns about the age and mental fitness of many of the country’s top leaders. The message from the Libertarian Party is clear: it’s time for a change. The US is in a crisis, and it’s time to do something about it before it’s too late.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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